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C2C Phase: Facility Management

The performance of a sports, recreation, or events facility is indicative of the leadership team in charge of managing daily operations, revenue generation,brand and marketing, safety, maintenance, guest experience, and programming. Just as not all players make good coaches, not all sports experts make good general managers. During the staff recruitment and teambuilding phase of pre-opening operational development, SFM begins the hiring process early and attracts the very best talent available by leveraging the reach of the Network.

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With over 700 team members, SFM has far reaching connections in sports, events, parks, and wellness facilities and programs across the country as well as industry associations. When recruiting for our managed properties, SFM first performs a nation-wide search for General Manager candidates through our network. We also utilize the tried-and-true tactics to recruit top performers such as social media, industry job boards, association postings, and our own candidate database.

Becoming an SFM team member offers unique benefits to individuals in the sports, recreation, and events space. Because of our regional support and corporate headquarter teams, talented leaders have a unique opportunity to grow outside their own venue and have a larger industry impact. Joining the SFM team means more career growth, industry-leading cross-functional education, and leadership opportunities.


Over 700 Team Members in the SFM Network


National General Manager Talent Search


Top talent receives unique cross-training and career growth opportunities

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