Recreation Center Management

Service Recreation Center Management C2C Phase: Facility Management In cities throughout the country, recreation centers represent community. These facilities range dramatically in size, scale, and offerings to the community from small water parks to multi-sport, multipurpose recreation destinations. What’s universal, however, is the need for their operators to have the time, dedication, innovation, and savvy […]

Revenue Generation Services

Service Revenue Generation Services With experience guiding some of the nation’s most successful venues, Sports Facilities Management provides revenue generation services to help facilities meet and exceed forecasted projections. These services are centered around driving results through marketing strategies, brand position, event booking, and sales. Get Started Our team of event and business development professionals, […]

Start-Up Operational Development

Service Start-Up Operational Development C2C Phase: Operational Development While your sports, recreation, or events facility is being built, so too, should your business. The 12-18-month start-up time period prior to grand opening is one of the most critical phases in development. Clients choose SFC for Start-Up Operational Development services because of our extensive experience (50+ […]

Operational Timelines and Strategic Planning

San Antonio Project

Service C2C Phase: Facility Management Opening or optimizing a sports, recreation, event or wellness venue is a multi-faceted process. With SFC Strategic Planning and Operational Timeline services, you receive a custom plan and strategy to achieve the results you want. Let us illuminate all the steps and stages of building or refining your business and provide […]

Optimization Studies and Plans

Service C2C Phase: Facility Management SFC’s Performance Optimization Plans are designed to provide existing sports complexes, recreation centers, and fitness/wellness facilities with the guidance needed to generate better results, overcome operational challenges, and maximize marketing and business development opportunities. Through a 4-6 week process, our Operational Advisors review the facility’s financials, forecasts and strategic plans, […]

Staff Development and Training

Service Staff Development and Training C2C Phase: Operational Development To attract highly motivated individuals in your sports or recreation facility, it’s important to have opportunities for professional and financial growth. At Sports Facilities Management, we have built world class teams that have guided the growth of the nation’s premiere sports and recreation venues. Our approach […]

Event Booking & Sales

Service Event Booking & Sales C2C Phase: Facility Management Sports complexes, recreation facilities, and event centers require consistent, strategic leadership in marketing and sales to meet their performance metrics. The famous line ‘if you build it, they will come’ from the film Field of Dreams just isn’t true outside of Hollywood. Event booking and sales […]

Human Resource Support

Service Human Resource Support C2C Phase: Operational Development Human resource professionals play a critical role in fostering a healthy and prosperous work environment at sports facilities. Because most sports facilities don’t have a dedicated resource, SFM HR support services are design to fill the gap and provide services such as benefits planning, conflict resolution, staff […]

Facility Operations

Service Facility Operations & Management C2C Phase: Facility Management Why choose to outsource the daily operations and facility management? Sports tourism destination complexes, local recreation centers, and multi-purpose event centers are complicated businesses with big risks.  Public and private facility owners alike are choosing to outsource the operations of these facilities to highly experienced and […]

Brand Development and Marketing

Service Brand Development and Marketing C2C Phase: Operational Development Brand development and marketing strategy are two keystone components to a successful sports, recreation, or events complex. Whether in the development stages of a new facility or considering a re-brand or strategy update to an existing business, it’s critical to implement a compelling brand and ROI-focused […]

Staff Recruitment

Service Staff Recruitment C2C Phase: Facility Management The performance of a sports, recreation, or events facility is indicative of the leadership team in charge of managing daily operations, revenue generation,brand and marketing, safety, maintenance, guest experience, and programming. Just as not all players make good coaches, not all sports experts make good general managers. During […]