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Forecast and measure sports tourism in your community with SFC's Economic Impact Report.

Sports tourism is booming across the U.S. with tournament-capable properties, event centers, and multi-use complexes. The most common dimension of success is new tax revenue to lodging, restaurants, and entertainment generated by tourism – AKA economic impact.

Sports tourism is a $39.7 billion industry spurring economic growth across the U.S.
Sports tourism properties generate millions of dollars in new market spend.
Measure the impact of sports tournaments, concerts, and events.
A proven economic development driver, sports tourism creates new development opportunities.
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An economic impact report provides data showing how a venue’s programming and events impact its local economy. This report is typically selected by clients considering travel sports/sports tourism projects, mixed-use real estate developments, or regional event centers. Taking into account the venue type and size and specific details about the community, Sports Facilities Advisory uses a proprietary analytical process to translate projections from a Pro Forma to determine the impact of three items:

  • Non-local visitors’ days in market
  • Room nights generated by tournament and programming attendees
  • The average daily expenditure of non-local visitors through purchases for lodging, dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and associated expenses.

We measure economic impact based on spending by non-local visitors (event attendees traveling 60 minutes and over) because their primary reason for being in the market is an event or program held at the facility. Direct spending projections can also be translated into tax revenue generation projections. It’s our process, experience with the top facilities throughout the United States, and our mission to enhance the physical and economic wellbeing of communities everywhere that separates SFA from other firms in our industry.

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State of Michigan

In one of the most comprehensive state-wide studies of the economic impact of sports ever conducted, SFA worked with ten destination marketing organizations across the State of Michigan to determine the contribution of youth and amateur sports on the State’s economy. In total, SFA evaluated and reported on more than 430 events that bring more than $320 million in visitor spending annually throughout Michigan.

Why SFA?

With data from thousands of communities throughout the United States, SFC sets the industry standard for measuring economic impact. While many economic impact analyses result in overstated projections that actually detract from the message, SFC’s process is detailed, conservative, and proven, resulting in projections that have consistently met or exceeded comparisons of original projections versus operational performance after development.


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