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When you need reliable data for your sports, recreation, or event center project, SFC's Feasibility Report is what you want.

Our team of experienced advisors will guide you through community engagement, program development, financial forecasting, and market research to create a facility model that is the perfect fit for your community vision and goals.

Credible, reliable data backed by real-world operations.
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A feasibility study is an in-depth evaluation of your facility concept including the multitude of market factors that may impact the long term viability of the project.

SFC’s feasibility report goes well beyond a traditional narrative approach and includes our Pro Forma, a 5-year institutional grade financial forecast. It combines a thorough analysis of market and demographic conditions with an analysis of potential competitors and real-world financial and operational data from thousands of communities. This information allows our Development Advisors to provide financial projections, create realistic and reliable program plans, and make recommendations for successful project development.

The feasibility report often serves as a critical evaluation tool for public or municipal clients looking to understand the viability of a new community recreation center, sports tournament complex, wellness, or event center in response to their community’s needs or demands.

We are often asked if our feasibility studies ever result in a ‘not feasible’ report; the answer is yes. SFC does not ‘rubber stamp’ project concepts that are not viable, but instead partners with our clients to find a solution that is. About 30% of our studies result in a project that, as defined by the client, is not feasible. Nearly 40% of our studies result in a “yes-if”, which means that with changes to the original facility concept, the project will meet the client’s definition of success (financial, societal, health) with the remaining 30% of studies resulting in a positive result as-is. 

Service Highlights

Study Duration:
10-12 Weeks

Best Suited For:
Comprehensive Concept Validation

Led By SFA Development Advisors:

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Gatlinburg, TN

Rocky Top Sports World is a an indoor/outdoor sports tourism destination featuring six turf fields, six basketball courts, and a championship field.

Albertville, AL

This gorgeous 130 acre park will feature premier spaces for sports and recreation use, making the experience a "park within a park." The complex will feature spaces for sports including baseball, softball fields, long-field sports, a recreation center, aquatics, tennis, an amphitheater, and a dog park.

Why SFC?

While many companies conduct feasibility studies, the Sports Facilities Companies stands apart because of our experience and our approach to this critical component of the sports venue development process. We utilize best practices from these facilities to understand the optimal conditions for successful venues whether they are used for sports tourism or recreation. SFC’s process ensures that the feasibility report combines business planning, financial modeling, and feasibility into one step that produces the documents needed for financing and long-term financial oversight.

Market Research

SFC’s data is the best in the industry because it is grounded in the real-world operations of facilities operated by SFM. More than 2,000 communities have chosen to work with SFC.

Pro Forma

No one produces a Pro Forma like SFC. Our institutional grade financial forecast includes program planning details, provides a 5-year cash flow forecast, and a 20-year financial outlook.

Economic Impact Report

SFC’s Economic Impact Report is rooted in our extensive history in sports tourism and economic development. This comprehensive report demonstrates the impact of a venue’s programming and events on the local economy in terms of dollars. 

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