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Real Estate Development

The SF Companies are ideal partners to real estate development teams.

Our venues are proven attractions that have broad appeal to local families, visiting teams, public officials, and they often provide an ideal environment for public private partnership.

Our destinations are proven economic impact machines producing hundreds of millions dollars annually in overnight hotel stays. As traffic drivers, our types of facilities can be used to anchor a mixed-use development, as a hub to a sports medicine or wellness program, or to define a community or location.

How We Help

Market Demand and Project Concept Evaluation

We often update or refine facility floor plans or program plans as we integrate proven solutions and models to improve the project’s likelihood of approval and funding.

Funding Tool Kit

This tool kit consists of market studies, economic impact forecasts, institutional grade financial forecasts, facility renderings, and multimedia presentation materials.

Partnership Development

When a project has been deemed qualified and finance-able, we utilize this tool kit to secure key partners to the project and we engage with our industry partners to produce a fully financed project

Are you ready to pursuit your vision? With the resources, relationships, and experience working in communities throughout the country, SFA provides turnkey solutions to public and private clients seeking community-enhancing venues.

Featured Projects

Crete, Il

SFA conducted Funding Support Services for the client, which included identifying strategic public, private, and community partners, building a project presentation for potential funding sources (bound copies of financial forecasts, market research documents, and investor/lender information packets), and representing the project in formal meetings.

Fort Worth, TX

SFA conducted a comprehensive suite of products, including the market opportunity report, a financial forecast, an economic impact study, and funding support services. The engagement by defining the project, establishing revenue and business models, identifying potential project partners and funding mechanisms, and developing criteria for evaluating potential sites. As part of our Funding Support Services, we developed a project presentation for potential funding sources with an overview of the project, crafting a compelling and relevant message for select audiences. We then worked with our clients to facilitate meetings with key stakeholders and/or potential funding partners, including representatives from the private and/or public sector, reviewing financial forecasts, market research documents, investor/lender information packets.

Featured Team Leader

Founding Partner

Dev Pathik is widely regarded as a premier thought leader in the youth and amateur sports space. Through his work with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play 2020, relationships with various national governing bodies, the International City and County Managers Association, HBO’s Real Sports, TODAY Show, and others, Dev has given a unique voice to the development boom of youth sports, the social and economic responsibilities inherent in these projects, and broadened the opportunity for creating successful mixed-use developments with youth sports anchors. To learn more about Dev and the other members of our outstanding team, visit our team page.

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