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Development Services For New Facilities

When you want a streamlined experience with experts leading your development process, turn to SFC.

Owner’s representation services ensure you have an advocate holding your best interest, vision, and goals through hundreds of hours of design meetings, vendor solicitations, proposal reviews, and timeline coordination. With SFC, you get an experienced team with unparalleled expertise in sports, recreation, events, and entertainment facilities and facility operations.

Maximum Impact, Minimum Headache with SFC Owner's Representation.
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As the owner’s representative, our team becomes an extension of the facility owner or municipality’s staff. Our qualified team provides our clients with not only a direct line into how the project is developing, but guidance, project management, and operating perspective along the way. As your project advocate, we’ll manage the design process and ensure construction proceeds according to contract documents – on time and on budget.

What sets SFC apart from other owner’s representative service provider is our expertise in sport and recreation. Our focus and dedication to bringing the benefits of play to communities and projects across the U.S. through our planning services and facility operations means we know what makes a great community recreation center, sports complex, event venue or wellness facility. We’ll deliver on time and on budget, but what’s more, we’ll deliver a facility that is built to serve you and your community.

During the life of your project, our team becomes an extension of the facility owner or municipality’s staff. We provide you with not only a direct line of communication into how the project is developing but guidance, project management, and operating perspective along the way. 

Because our team has real-world operational expertise and access to the leading sports facility planning firm in the country, our design and project management principles are centered around creating a facility that is operationally efficient, meets the project’s and community’s unique goals, and is in line with the original financial forecasts or business plans. 

Service Highlights

Study Duration:
12-24 Months 

Best Suited For:
Early Project Engagement
Large-scale Sports Complexes
Multi-Sport Recreation Centers
Public Entities

Led By Project Executives:

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Sandusky, OH

This 145,000 square foot sports complex features 10 full-size basketball courts which convert to 20 full-size volleyball courts.

Why SFC?

Our owner’s representatives and project managers represent your best interest throughout the design and construction process. This includes services designed to maximize the potential of the project and streamline the process for owners. We bring our unique expertise to the process of building sports, recreation, and entertainment facilities, including working with design teams, budget evaluation, securing and managing contractors, and coordinating the procurement of materials. 

Venue Design

SFC selects and leads the design team to ensure that requirements related to spaces utilized by end users (sports leagues, special programming) are met. Leveraging our facility operational experience, we utilize best practices to optimize the design layout considering several key elements, including guest experience, storage, and technology.

Project Management

We not only create the construction management plan including schedule and budget, but we execute and report. Through our extensive experience with sports, recreation, and entertainment facilities, the SFC team ensures the project takes into account current trends for material and labor costs and works closely with the construction team to ensure that the project stays on budget and is completed on time.

Team Selection

SFC leads the process of creating the best team for your project including design partners, contractors, and vendors. We serve as a single point of contact for the owners and manage the working relationships between these parties to simplify and streamline the process.


The SFC team leads and manages the procurement process of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for your new facility. This process includes obtaining vendors and materials through the creation of RFP’s, evaluating all products and services, and making recommendations. Once FF&E items have been procured, we manage its installation, provide operational training, and maintenance plans.

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