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One of the great days in our organization is when a community gathers to cut the ribbon on a brand-new sports or recreation venue. It’s a culmination of the hard work of many people in our organization, but more importantly it’s an open door to the power of sports. Our mission is to improve the health and economic vitality of the communities we serve. When we see the crowds of people at a ribbon cutting or ground breaking ceremony, families gathered to cheer on their children’s games, or friends gathering for community celebrations, we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission and motivated to continue to work tirelessly to achieve unprecedented results in all phases of facility development and operation.

At the Sports Facilities Companies, our team comes from a wide variety of places and industries. From former professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and facility operators to executive and leadership positions with big brands like Galleon’s Sporting Goods, House of Blues, YMCA, and more, our staff is unified by the belief that sport positively impacts lives far beyond the field or court. We’re also passionate about increasing access to sport for all and as such have become one of the founding members of the Aspen Institute’s Project Play 2020 initiative, developed partnerships in the communities we serve, and launched the SFM Access program; all initiatives designed to create the opportunity for “free and reduced play” for more kids and families across the country.


Since 2003, the SF Companies, comprised of Sports Facilities Advisory, Sports Facilities Management, and Sports Facilities Development, have worked to become the trusted resource for communities who want plan, fund, develop, or manage sports, recreation, entertainment and fitness centers. In this time, we’ve guided projects in over 2,000 communities nationwide and overseen $10 billion in developed projects. Through our managed venues in the SFM Network, we host more than 25 million visits annually and drive $200 million in overnight hotel stays annually.


While we are tremendously proud of these accomplishments, they wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated efforts of our team and their commitment to our core values. For us, the values of excellence, service, accountability, and collaboration are more than just words, they are guiding ideals that are infused into all our actions. They fuel our client interaction from the first business development planning meeting to groundbreaking to opening day and beyond.

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Featured Team Leader

Founding Partner

Dev Pathik is widely regarded as a premier thought leader in the youth and amateur sports space. Through his work with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play 2020, relationships with various national governing bodies, the International City and County Managers Association, HBO’s Real Sports, TODAY Show, and others, Dev has given a unique voice to the development boom of youth sports, the social and economic responsibilities inherent in these projects, and broadened the opportunity for creating successful mixed-use developments with youth sports anchors. To learn more about Dev and the other members of our outstanding team, visit our team page.


Advisors to the United States President’s Council of Economic Advisors


Has served more than 2000 community-based projects!


Produces $200 million in overnight hotel stays annually


The only official Sports & Recreation Strategic Partner to the International City and County Managers Association


A Founding member of the Aspen Institute Project Play 2020


Since 2003, Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) has been fulfilling its mission to dramatically improve the health and economic vitality of the communities we serve. It’s this mission that’s driven us to serve over 2,000 communities across the United States and internationally during that time. Specifically, SFA has served clients seeking to open a sports facility with the industry’s most accurate and detailed financial forecasts.

We serve as an advisor to both private sector entities and public entities at the local, state, and national level through project planning and project finance support services for sports, events, recreation, and action sports facilities. Through our research, relationships, track record of success, and belief in the power of sports to transform communities, we’ve helped a variety of groups and individuals through the sports and recreation facility development and optimization processes.

As we grew in the understanding of the processes necessary for developing healthy sports facilities, we began to advise owners, facility operators, and communities on how to turn around non-performing venues. In 2006, Sports Facilities Management (SFM) was founded to provide management services for current and new sports and recreation facilities. SFM has grown to become the leading outsourced management firm in the youth sports and tournament destinations marketplace.

As the number of managed venues grew, we felt that it was important to establish a network of facilities that would allow us to better serve their needs and well as the needs of events rights holders and guests. The SFM Network is the largest portfolio of tournament style facilities in the U.S. Our portfolio of premiere sports and recreation venues can be found in tourist destinations such as Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, Panama City, Branson, Sandusky, OH, and Tampa Bay. The Network also includes facilities near large metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Pittsburgh. We also serve communities with facilities in Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, and more.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that our experience can be instrumental in the construction of sports and recreation facilities. To meet the need for this specialized knowledge, we established Sports Facilities Development (SFD) in 2019. SFD provides owner’s representation and a full suite of development, design, and planning services. We provide clients with venue planning services including facility design, branding, and budget valuation. We also offer procurement services, including product selection and installation inspection, warranty compliance support, and proper materials selection to support intended uses.

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