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C2C Phase: Operational Development

Brand development and marketing strategy are two keystone components to a successful sports, recreation, or events complex. Whether in the development stages of a new facility or considering a re-brand or strategy update to an existing business, it’s critical to implement a compelling brand and ROI-focused marketing plan. SFM’s in-house award-winning marketing department brings your vision to life with a signature blend of creativity and data-centric strategy.

Brand development is more than creating a logo or graphic identity for a project. While these are important outcomes, the brand is really a reflection of the company’s promise to future guests. The brand will influence the marketing language and value proposition, employee apparel and guest interaction standards, social media and digital activation, and onsite signage/facility branding among others.

Marketing strategy is a forward-focused, long term approach to achieving the financial, economic, or community impact results as defined by the facility/business owner. This game plan should outline the strategies and tactics to reaching qualified prospects and converting them to loyal customers.

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Step 1


Research including target markets, competition, and industry benchmarks

Step 2


Collaborative brand development with ownership group or oversight committee

Step 3


Develop marketing strategy to drive ROI, brand awareness, and community impact

Why SFM?

SFM’s marketing strategy is driven by our proven experience in sports, recreation, and events facilities. SFM Network facilities have produced hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact through new market spending and millions of dollars in revenue. Our marketing strategy is driven by a combination of proven techniques, dedicated project managers, ongoing leadership, and the ability to innovate. Whether making a splash in the sports tourism industry or driving local league play – we know how to get the results you need.

SFM’s brand development process includes our in-house marketing team, experienced operators, designers, and thought leaders. Our brand development approach is highly custom, collaborative, and fun. This process results in logo and graphics identity, messaging and positioning statements, social media guidelines, imagery and typography guides, and asset development such as video briefs, campaigns, and special projects.

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