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C2C Phase: Project Financing

A public-private partnership (P3) is an agreement between a private sector company and a government entity to develop a structure (sports and recreation venues, medical facilities, or mixed-use developments, etc.) that will be used by local residents. For many of the 20+ venues in the SFM Network and others served by the SF Companies, public-private partnerships are a keystone to project financing or successful operations. At SFA, we identify, prospect, engage, and negotiate P3’s on behalf of Funding Support Services clients to help take their project from Concept to Concrete.

For sports facility developments, P3 structures often consist of partners contributing land, capital, incremental tax revenues, commercial leases and the attraction of new developments such as hotels, restaurants, retail shops, and medical facilities. Private sector partners may be involved in the land transaction, financing and development, or lease up and management of the new asset.

Sports Facilities Advisory has been a leader in sports venue development and financing for nearly two decades. As the only strategic partner to the International City Managers Association (ICMA) in the sport or recreation markets, SFA is a trusted advisor and resource to both private and public sector partners.  Since our founding in 2003, we have planned over $10 billion in projects in over 2,000 communities throughout the United States.

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Why SFA?

When working with SFA, you have access to our relationships with funding resources, our track record of producing successful venues, and our industry-leading market-research and financial forecasts.   Through the years, we’ve become a trusted resource for financial institutions, when it comes to the development of youth sports tourism and recreation facilities. Beyond experience and expertise, you gain access to the tenacious effort of a company that understands how facilities are financed, developed, and managed.

Project Finance Tool Kit

SFA produces highly customized, market-specific feasibility studies, we then develop a detailed program plan and opinion of cost, next we produce cash-flow forecasts, and economic impact reports to complete the SFA Project Finance Tool Kit.

Partner Development

Our Funding Support Services employ a proven process for identifying, engaging, and securing commitments from key regional partners to your project, including real estate developers, operating experts, private sector investors, medical sector partners, educational institutions, and others. In this process, we produce the tool kits, visual materials, data, and financial forecasts that are vital to this process.

Our Mission

The goal- to improve the health and the economic vitality of your community, to improve access to sport, and to provide your community or development site with an enduring and beloved sports destination.

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