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Fundraising Deliverables

C2C Phase: Project Financing

Fundraising deliverable development is a key component in the project financing process. SFA’s deliverables are designed to effectively communicate the story, goals, and opportunity of the project to interested and qualified stakeholders to achieve project funding. It’s the combination of reputable financial information, partnership development language, and compelling graphic design that make SFA’s fundraising deliverables stand apart. Our experienced team understands how to credibly communicate the value of the proposed project to the unique funding sources to whom you’ll be presenting. This deliverable is typically a part of SFA’s Finance Support Service package.

These deliverables often include presentation and pitch decks, high quality architectural concept renderings and sample floor plans, both detailed and executive summary level financial data, and mission, goals, and vision information. Early stage brand and website development may also be included during this process to give further credibility to the project. During SFA’s finance support services, this information is updated and optimized to each potential partner presentation to maximize the value of the opportunity.

For public or municipal projects, this may also include additional materials or informational packets that are to be presented to community members as part of the stakeholder engagement process in order to gain or maintain public support.

Service Highlights

Study Duration:
Varies, 90 days+ 

Best Suited For:
Public-Private Partnership Development
Projects Seeking Partners
Real Estate Developers

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Crete, Il

SFA conducted Funding Support Services for the client, which included identifying strategic public, private, and community partners, building a project presentation for potential funding sources (bound copies of financial forecasts, market research documents, and investor/lender information packets), and representing the project in formal meetings.

Fort Worth, TX

SFA conducted a comprehensive suite of products, including the market opportunity report, a financial forecast, an economic impact study, and funding support services. The engagement by defining the project, establishing revenue and business models, identifying potential project partners and funding mechanisms, and developing criteria for evaluating potential sites. As part of our Funding Support Services, we developed a project presentation for potential funding sources with an overview of the project, crafting a compelling and relevant message for select audiences. We then worked with our clients to facilitate meetings with key stakeholders and/or potential funding partners, including representatives from the private and/or public sector, reviewing financial forecasts, market research documents, investor/lender information packets.

Why SFA?

As a key communication tool, fundraising deliverables are an integral part of the sports facility funding process. SFA’s experience with more than $10 billion in planned projects means we’re uniquely suited to produce fundraising materials that capital sources find compelling. That same experience often allows us to find solutions to funding and development hurdles where others may not.


$10 billion in planned projects


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