Improving communities through sport

Partnership (P3) Development

Service Public Private Partnership Services C2C Phase: Project Financing A public-private partnership (P3) is an agreement between a private sector company and a government entity to develop a structure (sports and recreation venues, medical facilities, or mixed-use developments, etc.) that will be used by local residents. For many of the 20+ venues in the SFM […]

Fundraising Deliverables

Service Fundraising Deliverables C2C Phase: Project Financing Fundraising deliverable development is a key component in the project financing process. SFA’s deliverables are designed to effectively communicate the story, goals, and opportunity of the project to interested and qualified stakeholders to achieve project funding. It’s the combination of reputable financial information, partnership development language, and compelling […]

Funding and Development Support Services

Service Funding and Development Support Services C2C Phase: Project Financing Our team of development advisors, business analysts, real estate finance professionals, and other industry partners are ready to have a conversation about your project. Call us to find out how this service will transform your concept into a financeable project, designed to achieve your unique […]

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