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C2C Phase: Facility Management

Sports complexes, recreation facilities, and event centers require consistent, strategic leadership in marketing and sales to meet their performance metrics. The famous line ‘if you build it, they will come’ from the film Field of Dreams just isn’t true outside of Hollywood. Event booking and sales is an activity that begins 12-18 months prior to a facility opening and is an ongoing activity. Building an annual calendar of sports tournaments, community events, business meetings, and non-traditional events is critical to maximizing the potential of the facility.

SFM’s approach to sales and event booking leadership begins and ends with revenue generation. Our strategic approach to event booking and sales has produced better-than-forecasted results for our managed clients in terms of revenue generation, community impact, booking pace, or other key performance metrics. Led by our National Director of Events & Entertainment in partnership with our SFM Executives, all the facilities in the SFM Network benefit from our national reach, contract negotiation, and experience with thousands of event owners.

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Event Booking

Super charge your event booking through the SFM Network and our National Director of Events & Entertainment. 

Sales Leadership

We use our experience across the SFM Network to bring sales tools and best practices to every client project.

SFM Network Difference

Our human resources services are designed to ensure our teams meet or exceed compliance standards.

Why SFM?

SFM is a proven solution for outsourced facility operations, which includes marketing and sales activity that produces results. Our entrepreneurial mindset and industry experience in sports, recreation, and events creates results that outperform forecast and allow our team to be creative problem solvers.


25 Million guest visits each year to SFM Network associated facilities.


The SFM Network offers facilities one-of-a-kind cooperative marketing opportunities

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