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Revenue Generation Services

With experience guiding some of the nation’s most successful venues, Sports Facilities Management provides revenue generation services to help facilities meet and exceed forecasted projections. These services are centered around driving results through marketing strategies, brand position, event booking, and sales.

Our team of event and business development professionals, along with our in-house marketing team creates customized plans based on your needs utilizing market research, best practices, and our experience across the SFM Network to not only develop a compelling brand but generate a full book of events and programming on opening day. This service begins with a Business Development Planning Session to establish your goals and vision for the project, an existing data review (if applicable) to review past financials, and a thorough discovery phase reviewing challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

This is a custom service scoped per project or per facility based on project size, length of engagement, levels of support (design/marketing execution), and other operating factors. Call today to learn more about how your community recreation facility, sports tourism complex, or wellness asset could benefit from increased revenue generation with SFM.

Service Highlights

Service Duration:
12-18 months typically

Best Suited For:
Projects in Planning, Construction, or Development
Community Recreation
Sports Tourism

Led By SFM Marketing & Sales Advisors:

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Brand Development​

Our team of branding experts, designers, and marketing strategists work to produce an engaging brand that will establish the foundation for future guests. Our highly collaborative brand development process begins with a research and discovery phase to address competitors, regional or local market factors/preferences, and include community or project stakeholders. Typical deliverables include a comprehensive brand guide with messaging components, custom logo, and graphic design support materials.​

Marketing Strategy​

Using our experience in 30+ venues across the country, SFM’s in-house marketing team builds marketing strategies that utilize best practices and deep industry experience to drive conversions and achieve long-term performance goals. Typical client deliverables include a comprehensive marketing plan including campaign plans and target market personas, budget planning tool, and messaging guide often accompanied by ongoing weekly support calls and monthly strategy sessions.​

Event Booking and Sales​

Led by our National Director of Events & Entertainment, the SFM team develops a calendar of events and programming prior to opening day or at a given start-date for existing facilities. Because we represent the SFM Network, the nation’s largest collective of youth sports and recreation venues, we reach thousands of event owners, develop best practices, and gain leverage in contract negotiations to bring the very best events to your facility.

Why SFM?

The SFM team is comprised of dedicated professionals that have developed compelling brands many of the industry’s top youth sports and community recreation venues. These venues are not only standard bearers from a design and engagement standpoint, they drive revenue and make and economic impact. SFM Network venues garner more than 25 million visits annually to its events and programming and over $500 million annually in overnight hotel, dining, and other tourism-related spending.


25 Million guest visits each year to SFM Network-associated facilities.


$500 million in economic impact


SFM Network is the largest group of sports and recreation facilities in the U.S.

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