Building a Sense of Arrival at Sports Complexes

ETOWN Sports Park

When you walk into Elizabethtown Sports Park in Elizabethtown, KY, you know you have arrived at somewhere special. You’re greeted by a warm, yet majestic archway, lined with stone columns and a large sign above that says “baseball pavilion”. Once in the complex, guests enter an inviting common area with wayfinding to help them navigate […]

Sports Facility Design Considerations that Impact Guest Experience

Guest post written by Kathleen Kans, Marketing Assistant, The SF Companies.  How your sports facility is designed has a strong correlation to overall guest satisfaction. This puts emphasis on the importance of design considerations including purposeful storage, intentional flow and design, designated spaces, and ease of access. In this article, we will take a closer look […]

3 Ways Sports and Entertainment Are Integrating

Surf Pool

Have you ever wanted to “bend it like Beckham”, drive a golf ball 350 feet, or mix in a little exercise with your happy hour? In recent years, the trend of mixing in sports and social activity has developed in new and exciting ways. Born out of traditional social sports like bowling and kickball, more […]

4 Sports Facility Design Trends for 2022

Iron Peak

An exciting new era of sports facility design is upon us. The emergence of new technologies, paradigm shifts in how we enjoy sporting events, and the realization that we all enjoy sports differently drive a new set of trends that will impact venues for years to come. Below are four sports facility design trends that […]

Unique Experiences in Sports Complexes

SEC Fan Fest

Download our Cedar Point Sports Center Case Study Download While the fact that we can enjoy sporting events in person again should be enough to make every sports fan rush to their local sports complex, we know that it takes more than that. Sports venues across the country are in a constant battle to attract […]

Making Miracles at Elizabethtown Sports Park

ETOWN Baseball Miracle Field

As sports fans, we understand the power of moments. The pass the softly floats into the outstretched hands of a wide receiver. Or the perfectly timed swing that launches a baseball over a distant fence. While not all of us can make one of these magical moments happen, some of us don’t even get the […]

Sports Complex Design Details- How Can You Set Your Facility Apart?

Cedar Point Sports Center

Life is all about the details. Those little items that inform your opinion or make your time a little more memorable. The same can be said about the design of a sports complex or recreation center. Guests come in daily and spend hours at a time. They form opinions about your facility, partially on the […]

5 Community Recreation Trends for 2022


2020 and 2021 have been defining years for parks and recreation systems throughout the world. On the one hand, restrictions on events and programming led to massive revenue losses for which the industry is still recovering. There’s also an expectation in most municipalities that parks and recreation systems will experience similar budget cuts to the […]

5 Fitness Center Innovations

fitness center innovations

From getting your heart rate up in an Amazon jungle to training like LeBron to tiny tools that work out all the knots, fitness centers are using technology to provide a superior experience for members. Below are five fitness center innovations that may be coming to gym or recreation center near you. Let’s create something […]

What Turf is Used for Football, Soccer, or Baseball Fields?

Panama City Beach turf

Turf, whether natural grass or synthetic, is one of those items fans and athletes aren’t likely to give much thought to. Like offensive lineman, if you don’t hear anything about it, that’s usually a sign that things are going well. However, lots of engineering and manufacturing effort has gone into the green (or blue in […]

How Rocky Mount Event Center Creates an Inclusive Environment for all Guests

sensory inclusive stadium

Enter any sports facility on a Saturday morning and it’s a cacophony of sounds. Sneakers are squeaking. Coaches are barking plays. Parents and teammates are roaring in approval when athletes perform amazing moves. While there’s a certain energy that radiates from the in-game experience at tournaments, for the 1 in 6 individuals who have a […]

What Doggie Paddle Day Can Teach Us About Promoting Recreational Venues

Doggie Paddle Day

Let’s create something today Get Started On September 11th, the pools at Pelican Bay Aquatic Center opened their doors to the galloping of lots of little feet, but it might not be what you think. Dogs (and their owners) from all around Edmond, OK converged on the water park to splash, bark, pant, and enjoy […]