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Sports Facility Design Considerations that Impact Guest Experience

Guest post written by Kathleen Kans, Marketing Assistant, The SF Companies. 

How your sports facility is designed has a strong correlation to overall guest satisfaction. This puts emphasis on the importance of design considerations including purposeful storage, intentional flow and design, designated spaces, and ease of access. In this article, we will take a closer look at how implementing these concepts into your facility design creates an optimal environment for athletes and their families.

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Purposeful Storage

When designing your sports facility, make sure that you can provide purposeful storage for not only your guests but facility employees. Purposeful storage throughout your venue will reduce the risk of clutter which not only negatively affects the cleanliness of your facility but poses a large safety threat in the event of fire and tripping hazards. A great example of purposeful storage is designated bag storage spaces for large hockey bags and other equipment in youth hockey arenas or a designated area with lockers for employees to store their personal belongings while at work.

Intentional Flow 

When designing your facility, clear flow paths within building is critical. When designed properly,  it can provide a stress-free experience for visitors, athletes, and coaches. To avoid any potential frustration, think about the areas that guests will go to the most (stands, concessions, restrooms) and determine if the paths between these areas are clear and easy to navigate. How far are bathrooms and concessions to the courts and/or fields? Have you tested your back of the house to ensure loading and unloading are convenient? Being able to answer these questions throughout your sports facility development process will help ensure your guests are happy with each visit. 

Designated Spaces

When designing your facility and its designated spaces, make sure to consider how purposeful each space truly is. Large and grand spaces are great because they double as play spaces but can also be used for community events and rental locations.

Aside from maximizing your space, it’s important that you put a lot of thought into the small details that impact the player and spectator experience as well. It’s key to bring in a venue planning expert with sports facility operator experience during the planning and development phases of a project to avoid missing small things that make a big difference. An example of this would be adding curtains to your indoor court design plans to prevent sunlight from reflecting off glossed courts and impairing the players’ vision.

Ease of Access

One of the most impactful design elements for your sports facility is the ease of access that you provide to your guests. This can include prevent a “maze-like” feel in your venue by reducing the number of hallways.

Ease of access also includes adding amenities that make it easier for participants to accomplish their goals during events at your sports complex. For example, separate rooms for coaches, referees, and tournament directors help these guests have a great experience and enhance the perception of your venue.

The Sports Facilities Companies stands by you at every step and every stage of the sports, event, or recreation center complex development. To learn more about our expertise and passion for making a positive impact on communities everywhere, contact us or call us at 727-474-3845.

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