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Sports Facilities Development

Our Development services seamlessly connect design and operations to create beautiful, efficient facilities that last.

Our team of architects, construction professionals, engineers, and facility operators have a wealth of experience in all aspects of venue design, procurement, and construction. We reduce risk, eliminate headaches, and maximize the value of every dollar for our clients.

Our goal is to increase access to sport in communities throughout the United States. To accomplish this, we work collaboratively with A/E/C firms in the planning stages of venue development. Through our experience and expertise, we are often able to expedite costs while creating a facility built for operational excellence. We’ve assisted clients in saving both 100 of hours and thousands of dollars through our processes for equipment evaluation, vendor negotiation, and coordination of the delivery, installation, and assembly of equipment.

Through owner’s representation services, SFC provides project management and guidance throughout the development process to ensure the project aligns the client’s goals, meets operator specifications, and is completed on-time and on-budget. In venue planning services, we offer our experience and unique perspective as the sports facility operators to ensure each space is designed optimally for our clients’ programming needs, including all sport rule compliance and spectator, athletic, and event considerations, along with additional revenue opportunities, and optimized food & beverage (F&B) layout. We also work with our marketing and branding team to ensure best practices are being used in the placement of brand elements.

We lead the procurement process for our clients as well. This includes both furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for facility projects. Items we’ve helped to procure include F&B equipment, point of sale hardware/software, indoor and outdoor furnishings, IT network infrastructure, security cameras, field and athletic equipment, and maintenance items. Our industry experience and relationships uniquely position us to establish interest campaigns on behalf of our clients. Our process includes creating RFP’s to obtain vendors and materials, product and service evaluations, and presenting recommendations.


Facility owners add SFC to their project team for two primary reasons: they want to maximize their project’s dollars and they want a superior product. We have been proven to effectively deliver both along with a facility that operators love. – Jake Whittaker, VP, Venue Planning


Development team for 75+ sports, recreation, and fitness/wellness facilities


Recent projects have come an average of nearly $400,000 under budget


$10 billion in planned projects

Featured Team Leader

Senior Vice President, Development Services

Jake Whittaker has successfully led engineering, estimating, and project management teams working on some of the largest athletic facilities across the nation. His operational, manufacturing, and installation experience in the sports, recreation, and wellness industry has made him a sought-after resource for vendors, projects, and associations alike. Jake has over a decade of experience in athletic facility construction, athletic equipment manufacturing, research and development, and is an accomplished project manager and team leader.

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