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Community Building Events That You Should Host at Your Recreation Center

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Community Building Events You Can Host at Your Recreation Center

One of the most important reasons communities build recreation centers is to provide a place where the community can become more close-knit. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by hosting community-building events at your recreation center. Just about any event you can think of that will bring people to your center can be worth hosting. If you can’t come up with ideas, Sports Facility Management is here. Today, we will be sharing ten of our favorite community-building events that you can host at your recreation center.

10 Community Building Activities for Your Recreation Center

  1. Host a Marathon – What better way to get your community engaged and active than hosting a marathon? It doesn’t even have to be a full marathon, you could host a 5k or half marathon that starts and stops at your recreation center.
  2. Softball League – If your rec center has a baseball diamond, hosting a softball league is an excellent way to get people involved and competing with one another in a fun way.
  3. Community Cook-Off – Nothing brings people together more than shared food. Hosting a community cook-off around a certain theme is a great way to bring people together.
  4. Art Night – Hosting an art fair or art walk is a great way to not only get artists in your community some much-needed exposure, but it makes for an excellent family-friendly community gathering.
  5. Movie Night – A great way to get people to visit your recreation center is to host a family movie night. Offering older classics and viewing parties can have a great turnout, especially around the holidays if you offer a holiday-themed movie night.
  6. Community Picnic – If your recreation center has an outdoor component or is attached to a park a community picnic will bring out members of your community in droves. Offer games and activities so members of your community are engaged with one another.
  7. Volunteer Opportunities – Do a little good by hosting volunteer opportunities at your recreation center. Things like canned food drives or blood drives will get people out to your center for a good cause.
  8. Concert – Concerts can be hosted at your rec center with local bands looking for some exposure. Music festivals can become a big hit if you host them annually at your facility.
  9. Bake Sale Fundraiser – Looking to improve your community? Hosting a bake sale at your recreation center is a fantastic way to raise money that you can then re-invest into your community. Many recreation centers will host fundraisers to build additions like parks or playgrounds.
  10. Antique Show – Want to attract seniors or older members of your community to your recreation center? Host an antique show where community members can experience or share historical items from your area.

Looking to Improve Community Involvement at Your Recreation Center?

Sports facility management has been offering our experience and knowledge for sports-related businesses all across the country. If you are interested in learning how SFM can help your facility take their business to the next level, contact us today at 727.877.1791.

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