Improving communities through sport

How to Run a Tennis Sports Complex

Man and woman playing tennis

Tips for Running a Tennis Sports Complex Running and managing a tennis sports complex requires much more than simply building courts and a facility. Once the facility is finished it is important to turn your focus to membership building and client retention. Focusing on marketing and promotional campaigns can ensure that your tennis sports complex […]

Indoor Soccer Leagues at Your Indoor Sports Facility

Indoor soccer team posing for camera

Hosting Soccer at Your Indoor Sports Facility Indoor soccer is a fun, physical game that is perfect for any indoor sports facility. Like outdoor soccer, the indoor version of the game is growing in popularity all over the country. Though the rules are very similar to outdoor soccer, there are a few key differences to […]

How to Offer CrossFit at Your Recreation Center

Woman doing crossfit workout

What Equipment You Need to Offer CrossFit at Your Recreation Center CrossFit has exploded in popularity across the nation over the last few years. Those of us in the recreation center business would be hard-pressed to find a more popular exercise class than CrossFit. However, in order to host a class that is based on […]

How to Acclimate New Employees With Facility Management

Manager training employee

Facility Management: How to Acclimate New Employees Quickly Hiring a new employee and bringing them up to speed with your business takes time, regardless of how talented they appear to be. Not only do new employees need to acclimate to the culture of your company, but they often need to build the confidence and knowledge […]

Non-Sporting Events to Host at Your Sports Complex

Set-up for chess tournament

Non-Sporting Events You Can Host at Your Sports Complex Many entrepreneurs say the key to success lies in their ability to be flexible. This is true for any business. It is important to be able to quickly and effectively adapt to changing circumstances. Managing a sports complex is no different. While your facility may be […]

High School Tournaments You Can Host at Your Sports Complex

Girls high school basketball game

Hosting High School Tournaments at Your Sports Complex There are quite a few steps that come with the territory of hosting a high school athletic tournament at your sports complex. You need to secure funding, prepare your facility, and coordinate the events and schedule. If you have no experience hosting a high school tournament and […]

Get Summer Visitors to Your Indoor Sports Facility with These Tips

Woman climbing rock wall

How to Get People to Visit Your Indoor Sports Facility in the Summer A phenomenon that every health club, fitness center, and indoor sports facility experiences is a drop in attendance in the summer. The weather gets nice, people want to spend time in the sun, it feels like an inevitability. However, just because summer […]

Facility Management: Getting Your Employees CPR Certified

Group of people doing CPR training.

Facility Management: Why CPR Certification is Important for Your Employees While many businesses offer health and safety training, health clubs and gyms are required to provide automated external defibrillators (AED) and CPR training for their employees. With more than 250,000 Americans deaths from sudden cardiac arrest per year, it is incredibly important that your facility […]

Offers to Get New Visitors to Your Recreation Center

Kids playing basketball

Using a Promotional Campaign to Attract Visitors to Your Recreation Center One of the most important aspects of running a successful recreation center is ensuring that you are able to attract new visitors. In order to ensure that your customer base continues to grow, your business can offer specials events to attract first-time visitors. However, […]

Community Building Events That You Should Host at Your Recreation Center

Marathon runners racing

Community Building Events You Can Host at Your Recreation Center One of the most important reasons communities build recreation centers is to provide a place where the community can become more close-knit. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by hosting community-building events at your recreation center. Just about any event you […]

How to Host Football Training Camp at Your Sports Complex

Football blocking sleds

Offering Football Training Camp at Your Sports Complex Hosting a football training camp can be an excellent way to bring some great exposure to your sports complex. If you are interested in hosting a football training camp at your sports complex there are a few things that you need to have, and there are a […]

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