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How to Acclimate New Employees With Facility Management

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Facility Management: How to Acclimate New Employees Quickly

Hiring a new employee and bringing them up to speed with your business takes time, regardless of how talented they appear to be. Not only do new employees need to acclimate to the culture of your company, but they often need to build the confidence and knowledge to perform to their potential. Sports Facility Management has helped hundreds of sports-related businesses in the training and development of staff. Today, we would like to share a few ways in which you can quickly acclimate your newly-hired employees to your business.

Develop an Onboarding Program

Too often, sports facility management teams ignore the need to properly develop an official onboarding program to help prepare new hires for the team. Generally, you want to provide a detailed description of job requirements and a realistic timeline of expectations. Provide reference materials that can help answer common questions or help your new employees with common procedures. Lastly, schedule a weekly meeting for the first six weeks or so to allow your new hire to discuss their progress with management.

Provide Hands-On Training from Day One

Training is key to the success of any new employee. Develop training exercises that allow your new hire to practice specific aspects of their job. For instance, say you hire a new employee to work your facilities front desk. Many sports facilities use a point of sale to sell memberships or daily passes and the new employee will need to quickly acclimate to the ins and outs of your P.O.S. program. Choose a program that allows for a “training mode” and offers mock-situations to your new hire. Too often, sports facilities will show employees what they need to do instead of providing hands-on training experience. Providing hands-on training will allow your new hire to become comfortable much more quickly.

Designate a “Work Buddy”

Designate one of your employees as a point of support to your newly-hired employee is an excellent way to quickly acclimate them. Most employees will become much more comfortable asking their fellow employees questions instead of management. Your existing employees can also give great insight into the specific culture and job requirements that facility management may not even be aware of.

Contact Sports Facility Management for More Information

If you are looking for expert facility management insight into your sports facility you have come to the right place. Sports Facility Management has partnered with hundreds of facilities around the country to help sports-related businesses exceed their goals. If you are interested in learning more about our facility management experts, contact us today at 727-877-1791.

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