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How to Offer CrossFit at Your Recreation Center

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What Equipment You Need to Offer CrossFit at Your Recreation Center

CrossFit has exploded in popularity across the nation over the last few years. Those of us in the recreation center business would be hard-pressed to find a more popular exercise class than CrossFit. However, in order to host a class that is based on functional movement and group exercise, there are quite a few pieces of equipment that you will need. If you have a recreation center it is likely that you will already have some of this equipment, but to give the full offering that comes with a cross-training program look to add the following equipment to your center.

Equipment You Need for CrossFit Class

  • Olympic Barbell – The number one thing you should have on your list is a good Olympic barbell. You do not want to skimp on quality when it comes to barbells. CrossFit requires fast lifts and your barbell will get dropped often. Cheaper barbells will not last long enough to justify the savings.
  • Bumper Plates – These go together with the barbell. Bumper plates are made of rubber and will not damage your floor if dropped. Metal plates can do major damage to your floor and require industrial strength floor padding. Better to invest in rubber plates and save the headache.
  • Pull-up Bar – Pull-ups are a major part of any CrossFit upper body workout. You will likely need multiples of these. However, they can be obtained or even constructed for a relatively low price point.
  • Gymnastic Rings – Rings are excellent for a number of workouts. Dips, muscle ups, and push-ups are perfect for gym rings. These are pretty inexpensive and can be strapped to your pull-up bar.
  • Squat Rack – Squat racks are used in a huge number of lifts. Most lower body days will feature a number of lifts in a squat rack. Most recreation centers will already have squat racks if they feature a gym.
  • Plyo Box – One of the best ways to build explosive lower body power is through the use of plyo boxes. You can buy a less expensive box made of wood or metal, however, we would recommend foam or padded boxes to prevent injuries. You will also want a few different sizes for your recreation center to allow a range of people with varying levels of athletic ability to participate.

There are a number of other pieces of equipment such as medicine balls, battle ropes, and rowers that can enhance your class. However, the above list of equipment will have your recreation center well on its way to a great cross-training class.

Interested in Improving Your Recreation Center

At Sports Facility Management, we have offered management service for hundreds of successful sports businesses across the country. If you are looking to make sure you recreation center stands out from the rest, contact SFM today.

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