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Indoor Soccer Leagues at Your Indoor Sports Facility

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Hosting Soccer at Your Indoor Sports Facility

Indoor soccer is a fun, physical game that is perfect for any indoor sports facility. Like outdoor soccer, the indoor version of the game is growing in popularity all over the country. Though the rules are very similar to outdoor soccer, there are a few key differences to keep in mind when planning to offer an indoor soccer league. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss exactly what your indoor sports facility needs to offer indoor soccer.

Decisions to Make About Your Indoor Sports Facility

The first thing to decide on is what type of surface you want to have on your indoor soccer field. Some facilities prefer turf, while others prefer hardwood. Turf tends to offer a more controlled game than hardwood, and hardwood tends to be faster paced. However, turf also offers a bit of cushion that can help to prevent injuries. Most indoor sports facilities opt for turf, as turf is the official surface for the sport. Similar sports, like futsal, are played on wooden or ceramic surfaces.
Both sports would make a great addition to an indoor sports facility, choosing which sport to offer is simply a matter of preference and market competition. The biggest difference between the sports is that indoor soccer has walls around the outside of the field, futsal does not.

Recruit Players

Indoor soccer, and futsal, require fewer players than the outdoor version of the sport. With only six people on each side, filling a team with players is relatively easy. Market your league through social media, and in your indoor sports facility. Try to recruit college students, or young professionals, as these will make up the majority of your clientele. You can offer team registration, where full teams are required to sign-up. Other facilities take individual registrations and match people up to form teams. Either way works — you can even offer both options if you are struggling to fill your league.
Offer prizes to league winners to attract more teams and players. Some leagues offer things like t-shirts to the champions or a simple trophy. Recreational sports are more about being active and social than the prize, but a simple offering gives the teams something to play for.

Hire the Right Staff

You will need referees for your games. Finding volunteers or temporary employees with referee experience can be difficult, however. Instead, many indoor sports facilities will train employees to referee. The initial investment in training can pay off in the long run for your facility and your employees. It is also a good idea to have medical personnel and concession workers on hand.

Interested in Offering Soccer at Your Indoor Sports Facility?

Contact Sports Facility Management for more information. The above information covers the basics, however, as with any sports facility the devil is in the details. Our expert indoor sports facility management team has years of experience helping sports-related businesses manage their business. Contact SFM today to learn more.

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