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Non-Sporting Events to Host at Your Sports Complex

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Non-Sporting Events You Can Host at Your Sports Complex

Many entrepreneurs say the key to success lies in their ability to be flexible. This is true for any business. It is important to be able to quickly and effectively adapt to changing circumstances. Managing a sports complex is no different. While your facility may be designed specifically for hosting a sporting event, that does not mean you have to pigeonhole your business. Today, Sports Facility Management would like to discuss some great non-sporting events that you could host at your sports complex.

Non-Sporting Events to Host at Your Sports Complex

If you have an indoor gymnasium there is a wide-range of events that you can host at your sports complex. Excellent events to host at your facility include:

  • Commencement Ceremonies – If your sports complex is in a college town, many smaller colleges need a large facility to host commencement ceremonies. Graduation ceremonies have large amounts of attendees as families and friends come in droves to support their graduates. Sports complexes with indoor gymnasiums are the ideal place to host a commencement with large available seating sections.
  • Trade Shows – Trade shows are an excellent way to bring niche businesses and nonprofits into the public eye. Trade shows require large open spaces with room for booths, displays, and concessions. Offering rental space for your trade shows can raise significant funds for your sports complex during the off-season of your preferred sport.
  • Wedding Receptions – Large wedding parties need a very large space for seating, food, and a dance floor. An indoor sports facility can provide an excellent wide open space that can be decorated and furnished for even the largest of wedding parties.
  • Music Concerts – Some of the best music venues in the nation are also sports complexes. Very rarely can a regular concert venue provide the seating necessary for the biggest musical talents. While this event may require some investment on the part of your sports complex — sound dampening and a quality sound system, for instance. The financial payoff for hosting concerts can be substantial.
  • Non-Sports Tournaments – There are thousands of non-sporting competitive tournaments that happen all around the country. Some major events you could host include: board game tournaments, e-sports competitions, or dance competitions. The sheer amount of possibility for non-sporting event tournaments can keep your facility busy even during the slowest parts of the year.
  • Festivals – Seasonal festivals can be an excellent event to host at your sports complex. Things like art fairs, craft festivals, and music festivals bring large numbers of people to your facility with very little investment. Many festival attractions bring their own tents and only require a space to host. Renting your sports complex to festival attractions not only give your community an opportunity to interact, but it can draw lots of tourists to your area, benefiting your city in a major way.

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