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Get Summer Visitors to Your Indoor Sports Facility with These Tips

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How to Get People to Visit Your Indoor Sports Facility in the Summer

A phenomenon that every health club, fitness center, and indoor sports facility experiences is a drop in attendance in the summer. The weather gets nice, people want to spend time in the sun, it feels like an inevitability. However, just because summer attendance may be declining, does not mean there aren’t things you can do to combat this phenomenon. Today, SFM would like to discuss some things that your indoor sports facility can do to get through any summer attendance programs.

Offer Amenities That Are Best Held Indoors

This seems like an obvious solution, but it is something you should think about when planning your indoor sports facility. For example, say you open an indoor rock climbing facility. Your attendance for rock climbing is going to drop when your more experienced members take their skills into the great outdoors. However, if you also offer hot yoga at your facility, it is very difficult to get the right atmosphere that you need outdoors. Having multiple features in your indoor sports facility provides you with the flexibility that businesses need.

Reduce the Number of Class Offered

Leading a class of just a few people is not a fun experience for the instructor or your members. The reality of the situation in the summer is that cutting back class offerings makes the most sense for your indoor sports facility. It may be a hard pill to swallow but summer attendance numbers often force health-related facilities to slow down their class offerings. One potential solution is to try to combine two existing classes into one. For instance, say you have a step aerobics class and a toning class that has dipped in popularity in the summer months. You could combine those classes into a singular ‘step and tone’ class.
While reducing the number of classes you offer may be difficult for your members to understand, there are steps you can take to ensure they remain happy and active. Explain to them industry averages in the summer months and how they impact your facilities goals. Perhaps start a referral program so your members can get benefits by inviting new people to your group classes. Health facilities simply have to get creative during the summer months, but don’t worry when the weather starts to get colder people always flock back. It is up to you to ensure as many members stay active in the summer.

Contact SFM for More Indoor Sports Facility Tips

If you have tried everything you can but are still have trouble keeping your facility active in the summer, it may be time to get expert assistance. Sports Facility Management has helped hundreds of sports-related businesses reach their financial goals. Contact us today to learn how our experts can help you.

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