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Offers to Get New Visitors to Your Recreation Center

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Using a Promotional Campaign to Attract Visitors to Your Recreation Center

One of the most important aspects of running a successful recreation center is ensuring that you are able to attract new visitors. In order to ensure that your customer base continues to grow, your business can offer specials events to attract first-time visitors. However, promotional campaigns can be a bit of a minefield for businesses looking to attract new customers, while keeping existing members happy at the same time. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss some methods that your recreation center can use to help attract new customers.

Keys to a Successful Promotional Campaign

  • Think outside of the box. Discounts are generally not the ideal method for attracting new visitors, especially with a recreation center that requires a membership. Oftentimes, discounts are not enough to really draw in large amounts of customers. At the same time, they can upset existing customers who are paying the full price.
  • Offer signup bonuses instead. For instance, you may offer extra time to your membership package. If your recreation center offers 12-month contracts, you may offer a promotional 14-month package at the same price. This has the added benefit of allowing existing subscribers to re-subscribe and add the promotional time to the end of their membership.
  • Offer free or discounted trials. For many recreation centers, the biggest hurdle they face to signing new customers to their membership is because the experience of using the center is difficult to explain or market. Instead, many centers offer 1-week trials where potential customers can try out the center to see if it is right for their needs.
  • Market your promotion aggressively. Promotions can be an excellent way to grow your email subscribers list. Make sure to advertise your promotions through email, social media, and at your recreation center. The biggest downfall of unsuccessful promotions is failure to get your information into the public sphere.
  • Choose the right time to offer your promotion. Events could include grand openings, seasonal promotions, or local events that may bring sports tourism to your area. Offering promotions too often can minimize the impact of your campaign promotions, so be selective!

Looking to Promote Your Recreation Center?

From crafting the message of the facility as a recreation destination to specific program promotion, facility marketing is a job that never ends. At SFM, our marketing department leads business development, strategic marketing, and campaign execution. Our proven methods can ensure that your recreation center reaches the markets you desire. To learn more about what Sports Facility Management, contact us today at 727-877-1791.

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