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How to Host Football Training Camp at Your Sports Complex

Football blocking sleds

Offering Football Training Camp at Your Sports Complex

Hosting a football training camp can be an excellent way to bring some great exposure to your sports complex. If you are interested in hosting a football training camp at your sports complex there are a few things that you need to have, and there are a few things you can add that are not required but will help attract teams. If you are interested in bringing big-time football camps to your sports complex, follow these steps to attract teams.

Plan the Camp Details

The first step you should take is to plan for the type of training camp you are interested in holding. Do you want to target youth players, high school, or collegiate? The higher the level of training camp you are interested in hosting, the higher the level of amenities you will need to offer.
After you have decided on the type of camp you are interested in offering, it is important to check with your local government to see which permits, insurance, and waivers you need to operate your camp.
You also have to decide exactly when to hold your camp. Many training camps shoot for late June or early July. Offering your camp right before fall practices start will ensure that the young athletes who attend your camp can use what they learned at the start of the season. You are also more likely to attract full teams if you hold them just before official practices start.

Equipment and Amenities

You may not need as much to host a camp as you may think. If your sports complex has a field, you are well on your way. You will also need footballs, cones, and if you are trying to attract higher levels of play you will want blocking sleds.
You will want to hire coaches, mentors, and motivational speakers for your campers. You will want coaches that specialize in offense, defense, and special teams. It can be a good idea to have coaches who specialize in individual position groups as well. Some camps even tailor their entire camp to a particular position. Many sports complexes have hosted very successful quarterback camps for instance.
Once you have your coaches secured, plan out a specific schedule for each day of camp. You will want drills, conditioning, meal breaks, and time for speakers. Once your schedule is set, it is time to advertise your camp. Create social media posts and contact local high schools about your camp. After advertising, you’re ready to host the players!

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