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Sports Facilities Management: Dealing with the New Year’s Boom

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New Year’s Resolutions: Advice from Sports Facilities Management

Each year people all across the country watch the ball drop and imagine a new life for themselves in the new year. It’s an American tradition to want and expect our lives to get better in the coming year, and most of us decide to make a go at change with New Year’s resolutions. Though sadly, not everyone will stick to their resolutions, most will start their January’s right. If you are in sports facilities management, this means you will need to prepare for all those people flocking to your door at the beginning of the year.

Give Them What They Want

No one wants to enter the new year with great intentions only to find the sports complex of their choice doesn’t offer their favorite sport or doesn’t have an affordable gym membership. This is where sports facilities management teams step in with perfect scheduling. You don’t want that indoor basketball league to be halfway through on January 1st. If resolutioners want to lose weight playing basketball, they will pass over your sports complex unless you have a league starting soon. You can also entice new customers with New Year’s specials. Get them in cheap for a trial run. They’ll love your sports facilities so much, they will pay full price next time.

Keep Staffing High

January for sports facilities management is like Valentine’s Day for restaurant managers. You need all hands on deck. Nothing will frustrate you more than seeing people in your sports complex getting frustrated due to understaffing. If you run a gym, you will want to schedule extra trainers, especially since more people will be new to working out than your usual customers. Nothing will turn people away like a long line at the front desk. So make sure you have staff where you need them, and get these people working toward their new best!

Make Them Want to Come Back

All great sports facilities management teams know that long-term commitments from customers grow the business. In the day of social media, every indoor volleyball picture posted could lead to new memberships. Don’t rest on the resolution to keep people coming back month after month. Many resolutioners lose their drive in a mere six months. If you build a community and a fantastic, fun environment, then you incentivize them with more than just losing weight or looking good. You give them friends and a fun evening or two a week to look forward to. Focus on this atmosphere and treating the customer right, and you will see those first-time customers become loyal players at your sports facilities.

Need Sports Facilities Management Help?

If you’re looking for a team to help manage your sports complex, look no further than Sports Facilities Management. With our years of experience, we can help guide you through a successful year.

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