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Seasonal Events to Host at Your Recreation Center

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Hosting Seasonal Events at your Recreation Center

Your recreation center is more than just a place for kids to play basketball after school. You can use your center to bring people in the community together. At rec centers across the country, people have the opportunity to arrive as individuals and leave as a closer community. One way to build community is to host events that a lot of people will want to attend. Sometimes these are niche events, but sometimes they may appeal to the people in your area as a whole. The following seasonal events will bring people to your doors.

Summer Events

If you live in an area with mild summers, use it to your advantage by hosting some large outdoor events at your recreation center. Consider putting together a fun run or a cycling race. Offering multiple distances for contestants allows everyone from beginners to experts to join in the fun. Outdoor block parties also bring people together. You don’t have to host it in a block of city streets, you can consider your parking lot the block. Invite volunteers from the community to show off their skills. From face painting stands to bounce houses to amateur musicians, your community may surprise you with its diversity and creative output.

Fall Events

Fall often means harvest, and what would a great harvest be without a farmer’s market? Sure, your town might already have a farmer’s market, but you could designate a special day to have the farmer’s market meet at your recreation center. Consider combining it with another fun event. Either an open house day at your recreation center or a sports tournament. This will get different sectors of your community engaging in one place. Fall is also a great time for crafts. Invite local artists to set up booths and teach the community about their craft.

Winter Events

Winter typically means staying indoors and shaking snow from your coat, but people still want the opportunity to stretch their legs. Consider giving an open house during the winter where people can come learn all about indoor sports. So many indoor sports, from racquetball to volleyball to dodgeball, go unnoticed. Offering people a free and easy way to learn about the sports and play them without any pressure would help motivate people to get out to your recreation center that winter. They might learn to love a new sport in the process!

Spring Events

Spring brings new beginnings and brings people out of their winter slumps and hibernations. You can kick off the spring right by hosting sporting events. Think about hosting large tournaments or a fundraiser event. This will help motivate people to get out of the house again after a long winter. You could also help people out with their spring cleaning by hosting a swap party. Have people bring their unwanted items to your center to sell. It’s like a communal garage sale, and everyone is sure to come away with something nice.

Get Help Running Your Recreation Center

If you want to see your recreation center grow, look no further than Sports Facilities Management. With our expertise on your side, we’ll help you grow your recreation center and strengthen your community at the same time. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you.

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