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Promotion Tips to Boost Sports Facilities Attendance

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Boost Sports Facilities Attendance with These Tips

With televisions becoming bigger and cheaper and coming in higher definition, many fans are finding it difficult to get off the couch to cheer their favorite sports team in person. Mosts sports across the country has seen a decline in attendance numbers even as television revenue and viewership stays the same or improves. With television offering a better view and a more convenient setting for fans, you will need to step up your promotional game to keep attendance at your sports facilities high.

Use Social Media

First and foremost, you must use social media. It doesn’t matter what promotion you are running. If you don’t put it on social media, no one will see it. Word of mouth only goes so far these days.
You can also use social media for more than just offering promotions for your sports facilities. Use these platforms to engage your spectators and fans. If a fan feels as though he knows your team and your sports facilities based on your videos of players warming up or pictures of staff behind the scenes, then he will want to go to the games even more.

Offer T-Shirts or Other Small Items

A recent study on spectator behavior at college sports facilities found that nearly a quarter of fans left stadiums before the game finished. The same study found that many fans would stay for a free t-shirt or other game day item. These little mementos not only keep fans in their seats but also will remind them of the fun they had. Giving out items is a great way to get return spectators.


Instead of offering some trinket at the end of the game, you could also try promotions centered on making one aspect of the experience free. This could range from one free hot dog for each ticket to free tickets for children under 12. People will flock for free things. When the fan base exists but would rather stay at home, you have to find a way to get them out the door. Maybe even a day of free parking would do the trick for many of them.

Send Out Reminders

This might not technically fall under the category of promotions, but reminders will help bring spectators to your games. With everyone connected and business always running, everyone is one touch of a button away from their closest friends. It’s easy for people to get wrapped up in social media or even with working late when they wanted to go to the game. Sending out reminders gives these fans a little nudge. You’d be surprised how well it works, especially if the fan already follows your sports complex on social media.

Get Help From Sports Facilities Management

Sports Facilities Management has the experience you need to run a lucrative sports complex. We manage both the marketing and logistical side of management, so you can rest assured that your sports facilities are running up to par. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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