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Tips for Making Guests Feel Welcomed at Your Recreation Center

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Recreation Center: How to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

The new year is approaching and plenty of people are making resolutions to hit the gym, which means you can soon expect plenty of new guests in your recreation center. Unfortunately, after the beginning of the year, exercise memberships slowly start to decline as people lose their motivation. To keep new guests coming back to your recreation center, you need to make them feel welcomed and foster a sense of community. Today, Sports Facilities Management discusses some different methods for welcoming new guests.

Hire a Friendly Staff

Your staff members are perhaps the most important aspect of making guests feel welcome. When new patrons arrive, your staff should be quick to greet them with a friendly smile and help them sign up for their exercise membership. New guests are likely to have plenty of questions, so ensure your staff is knowledgeable about the facilities and the programs you offer. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, new guests are likely to return to your recreation center in the future.

Clearly Marked Signs

Entering a new recreation center can be an intimidating and nerve-racking process, especially if you are new to exercising in a public space. Getting lost or confused in your facilities can easily deter patrons from coming back in the future. To make sure your guests know where they are going, place clearly labeled signs throughout your sports complex. Make sure new guests can easily find their way to the exercise areas, bathrooms, water fountains, and any other important areas of your complex. The less confused guests feel, the more positive they will feel about your facilities.

Form a Sense of Community

Fostering a sense of community is the best way to keep new guests coming back to your recreation center. To create a sense of community, try to get new guests involved in some of your programs. Tell guests about your group exercise classes, like yoga or spin class, introduce guests to your personal trainers, and invite them the join your competitive sports leagues. In addition, train your staff to remember your guests and greet them by name. If you create an atmosphere where guests are encouraged to get involved, you can easily create a feeling of community.

Contact Sports Facilities Management for Recreation Center Guidance

Sports Facilities Management specializes in management solutions for recreation centers and sports facilities, so we know how to make guests feel welcomed. Whether you measure the success of your facility in dollars or community relations, we are sure to find a solution that makes your goals a reality. To learn more about our management services, contact us today!

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