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Choosing the Right Gym Equipment for Your Sports Complex

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Sports Complex: How to Choose the Right Equipment

Finding the right equipment or replacement equipment for your gym isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Check online and you will find a dizzying number of slightly different models of all kinds of different gym equipment. How do you know if your sports complex needs more treadmills or more ellipticals? How can you decide what to replace and what to upgrade? What do you need more of that you don’t have already? These are all daunting questions, and Sports Facilities Management is here to help you make the right decision when purchasing new equipment.

Tailor Your Equipment to Your Members

Not every sports complex has the same clientele. You should take a look at your demographic and get the best equipment with them in mind. If you cater to 20 year-olds, you might want sturdier equipment more geared toward helping members bulk up. Slightly older demographics might be more interested in treadmills or other equipment that helps with their cardio. Either way, you will want equipment that just about anyone off the street can pick up and use easily.

Equipment with New Technology

These days, you can get all kinds of technology fitted with your equipment. If your demographic warrants it, your sports complex could seriously benefit from new tech. The latest equipment can track everything your members need during their serious workouts. Many new ellipticals and treadmills allow gym junkies to upload their data to the cloud or to their phone. Some models, coupled with an app, will design unique workouts when the user sets a personalized goal. If that’s not enough, other equipment offers the internet to users. They can check their emails or stream the latest workout video their into, all while burning calories.

Ask Your Members

Sometimes the simple options are the best options. The recreation center at Georgia Institute of Technology made a survey. They asked the people actually using the equipment which they preferred and what new equipment they would like to see. Your sports complex could take this a step further by actually tracking the equipment most commonly used. Find out for yourselves the equipment that collects dust and the equipment your members can’t get enough of.

Sports Complex Management

Are looking to overhaul your sports complex but don’t know where to start? Check out Sports Facilities Management! We get your business back on track and take it to new heights. Contact Sports Facilities Management today for more information.

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