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Keeping a Community Center Parking Lot Clear During Winter

Snowy parking lot

Keeping Your Community Center Parking Lot Clear During Winter

Community centers always present a liability threat, especially for facilities that have activities like rock climbing or weight lifting available. The worst case scenario for any community or recreation center is to have someone get hurt on your property. When winter comes and snow and ice start to accumulate, you also have to worry about guests slipping and falling in your parking lot. In today’s blog post, SFA will give some tips for keeping your community center parking lot clean and safe.

Have Plenty of Anti-Icing Materials On Hand

The best way to ensure your parking lot is clear is by utilizing anti-icing techniques during and before a winter storm. These materials, usually salt, will help prevent the snow and ice from sticking to all of your outdoor surfaces, whether it be your sidewalks, asphalt or your entryway. Anti-icing techniques are the best way to prevent a snow and ice problem before it starts. This is also the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for snow and ice prevention.

Have Plenty of De-Icing Materials On Hand

Sometimes, you just aren’t able to prepare your community center for a winter storm. Whether a storm pops up out of nowhere or you just aren’t able to prepare the way you would like, clearing your parking lot of ice and snow after the fact will require some effort. In the event that you don’t prepare properly for a storm, you will want to have plenty of deicing materials to solve the problem.
This typically happens by applying salt to ice or snow that is already on a surface. There are also other solutions, such as anti-ice chemicals.

Take Preventative Actions

As already noted, the best way to keep your community center from being icy after a storm is to prepare for that storm beforehand. Taking preventative actions will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run, and it could even save you money. Rather than rushing to the hardware store for de-icing materials and spending more money, you can have all your materials on-site before winter begins. This will give you quicker a response time and save you some cash.

Contact SFA For More Tips For Your Community Center

If you are developing or managing a community center, the parking lot is not something that should be ignored. For more information or tips, give SFA a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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