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Maintenance Tips for Community Centers

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Facility Maintenance Tips for Community Centers

While it might not be the most glamorous aspect of facility planning and development, maintenance is a necessary task. As you plan your facility, it’s important not to forget about the little things that go into the functionality of your facility. In today’s blog post, Sports Facilities Advisory will take a look at some facility maintenance tips for your community center.

Always Keep Your Bathrooms Clean

First things first: the bathrooms. When it comes to facility maintenance for your community center, keeping the bathrooms clean should always be a top priority. The restrooms in your community center will likely be the most used facility in your complex, and visitors will not appreciate bathrooms that are dirty.
You can make this process easier on yourself by investing time and energy into the design and building of your restrooms before maintenance is even needed. If you invest in good equipment, the likelihood that you will have restroom maintenance problems is lessened.

Have a Strategy and a Schedule

As you develop your facility, just like with every other aspect of the process, you need to have a maintenance strategy and schedule that can be executed by your staff. Rather than fix issues as they come up, have a plan to keep all of your equipment up to date and all of your amenities renovated when necessary.
One of the most common maintenance mistakes is being on the defensive. When you have a maintenance schedule, you can stay proactive.

Take Preventative Maintenance Steps

When the word maintenance is used, we typically think of something that is already broken or malfunctioning. However, you can take preventative maintenance steps on your equipment and facilities to prevent potential mishaps rather than waiting for them to happen. A more proactive approach to maintenance for community centers is a great way to ensure you aren’t scrambling to fix equipment that should have already been checked up on.

Contact SFA for More Community Center Tips

If you are developing or managing a community center, you know that maintenance is not something that you can ignore. For more information or tips on facility maintenance, give SFA a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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