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Three Winter Events for Your Recreation Center

Community center in the winter

Three Events to Host at Your Recreation Center This Winter

If you are developing a recreation center, a common fear is that there won’t be enough revenue or traffic during the winter once the pool closes for the summer. Even if you aren’t as concerned about the revenue, it’s important to keep community awareness of your facility high during the winter so you can return to spring and summer at full steam.
Today, Sports Facilities Advisory wants to help by providing three easy winter events for your recreation center that will keep your community invested in your facility.

  1. Super Bowl Watch Party

A Super Bowl watch party is a classic winter event option. Most communities will have their fair share of sports lovers, and the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States. A watch party for the big game is a great way to get people to your facility and interacting with their community. It can also be a good way to drive revenue or support local causes with raffles or marketing campaigns for your facility.

  1. Chili Cook-Off

Everybody loves an old-fashioned chili cook-off, especially during the winter. A chili cook-off during the winter is a great way to get people in the door, and the competitive nature of this event will drive community engagement. You can offer prizes, find judges from local restaurants, and even provide desert or entertainment.
Finding events for the winter can be hard, but if there is one thing that everybody loves to do, it is eating. A chili cook-off will help keep your recreation center on the radar in your community.

  1. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

A Christmas party is an easy sell to your community, especially if your community has a lot of young families. The question is finding the right theme that will get your community excited about your party. An ugly sweater theme is a classic that is easy to promote and even easier to execute. This theme is affordable and fun for people of all ages. You can offer snacks, hot chocolate, and even screen a holiday movie after the festivities.

Contact SFA For More Recreation Center Tips

Finding events for your recreation center to host during the winter can be tough, and Sports Facilities Advisory wants to help. For more information or tips, give us a call at (727) 474-3845 or contact us online today.

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