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Indoor Sports Facilities: Maintaining a Swimming Pool

Example of well maintained swimming pool at indoor sports facilities

Indoor Sports Facilities: Maintaining a Swimming Pool

At Sports Facilities Management, we are experts at managing all types of indoor sports facilities. One type of facility we get asked about the most are indoor swimming pools. Many people believe that indoor pool centers are the most difficult facility to maintain, however with proper preparation, training, and consistency an indoor swimming pool does not have to be a difficulty. With a committed pool staff, conscientious swimmers, and prepared management you can have swimming pools at your indoor sports facilities that attract people from your communities to get active.

Steps to Proper Pool Maintenance

  • Obtain state and/or local operator and chemical handling training. These training courses are available throughout the country and should provide you with a thorough understanding of the proper ways to handle the chemicals that are required for pool maintenance.
  • Make certain that you have trained staff available anytime your pool is open, the nature of public swimming pools means that sometimes chemicals need to be used unexpectedly.
  • Maintain the correct chlorine levels and pH balance according to the pool manufacturer recommendations. It is also important to keep accurate records and schedules of disinfectant measurements and maintenance activities to ensure the pool remains at a safe and healthy level.
  • Many indoor sports facilities require swimmers to shower before entering the pool area. Offering a place to clean off before accessing the pool greatly cuts down the infection rate at a pool.
  • Drain and replace your pool of the water on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the frequency of use. Whichever schedule you select make certain to stay consistent.
  • Once the water is drained, scrub the surface to remove slime layers.
  • Schedule routine chemical shocks to treat germs and respiratory water illnesses.
  • Provide disinfection guidelines for fecal accidents and a standard procedure for evacuating the pool and beginning the cleaning process in case of accidents.
  • Installing an HVAC system to maintain and filter air quality can be a major boon to your indoor sports facilities. Oftentimes indoor pools can create a very humid air quality and create proper airflow can improve the environment of your facility.

Help With Planning Indoor Sports Facilities

If you are interested in building the perfect pool at your indoor sports facilities SFM is the company for you. We have experts for every type of sports facility and the professionals ready to help you create your perfect sports complex. Contact us today to help you develop or manage your sports facilities.

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