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Sports Complex Management: Offering Protein Shakes

Healthy Women with Protein Shakes at Sports Complex

Protein Shakes can be a Major Source of Revenue at your Sports Complex

Successful business owners are always looking for methods to increase their bottom line. Often times, small changes can be some of the biggest profit-creating products for companies. Running a sports complex is no different.  If you want to remain active in such a competitive market it is paramount that you find ways to differentiate your business. One such way that we recommend is offering a protein shake bar to your customers. The initial investment is relatively inexpensive and has the potential to bring you a steady profit over a long period of time. Today, SFM blog would like to offer advice on how a protein shake bar can be the small investment that has a big payoff for your sports complex.

Why Protein Shakes?

First, protein shakes have exploded in popularity as our society has become more health conscious. For clients that are regularly attending a fitness or sports complex, protein shakes are a natural fit. Not only do they have major health benefits to your members, but they are an inexpensive product that can bring a steady profit for your company. Most protein shake bars report around a 300% markup on their shakes. Offering a protein shake at ~$5 dollars, a very reasonable price, can result in around $3 in profit per shake. While this may not seem like much, when you factor in the incredibly low investment requirement offering shakes can equal hundreds of dollars to your daily bottom line.

What You Need to Do

  • Do Your Research. Calculate the costs of refrigeration, ingredients at wholesale prices, cups, lids, and straws. Factor in everything you will need. Deciding which protein powder you will offer, what recipes, and more can create vastly different business outlooks.
  • Choose the Right Recipes. Many sports complex owners try to offer too many options and end up needing to hire another employee to handle shakes alone. This is entirely possible but you want to start off on the right foot. If you are going to have a wide selection with many different ingredients it may be best to go ahead and get a shake specialists at the beginning. If you are going with a few options with easy recipes your current staff should be able to handle the change.
  • Understand Your Clientele. Demographics are a major factor when deciding on your business details. Do you have serious weight lifters and bodybuilders? Is your membership mostly busy moms, or business people? Tailor your business plan to your clientele and your venture will be more successful.
  • Get Customer Feedback. Talk to your members! Ask what they would like offered, what their preferences are, what they consider a good value. Getting insight into your product can only help, and helps to build loyalty. Offer incentives to new adopters. Many sports complex owners offer free coupons for shakes with a facility membership. Once customers see the benefits of your protein shakes they will become part of their routine.

Contact SFM for Your Sports Complex Questions

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