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Why Your Recreation Center Needs to Offer Yoga

Woman practicing Yoga at a Recreation Center

Why Your Recreation Center Should Offer Yoga

As yoga continues to become a mainstay in the fitness community many recreation centers ask us if it is too late to get into the yoga market. According to a study in 2016, yoga is practiced by around 37 million Americans, up from nearly 20 million in 2013. It was also found that nearly 75% of people had been practicing for less than five years. Yoga is a rapidly growing practice that has plenty of room for your recreation center to get into the market. There are many reasons that your recreation center can benefit from offering yoga. Today, the SFM blog would like to discuss those benefits and the steps to start offering a yoga class at your recreation center. Read more below!

Low Investment Requirement

One of the beautiful things about yoga is the lack of expensive equipment needed to practice. Most people bring their own mat, and extras can be purchased for almost nothing. If you have a room, you can offer yoga classes. The most expensive investment would be hiring a yoga teacher to direct your classes. Many teachers work on a contract basis, paid per class taught. As a business owner, there is no reason when you first start offering yoga to hire a permanent teacher. If you are interested in testing the waters at your recreation center, a low investment makes it extremely easy to try.

Steps to Get Started With Yoga at Your Recreation Center

  • Figure out your profit margin – What you charge for a yoga class will impact the type of class you offer. Things like frequency and class size are details to decide on before starting
  • Extra Activities – Do you want to do workshops or private classes? Factor this into your budget
  • Research local yoga teachers – Make sure they have their certifications and insurance to protect yourself.
  • Schedule your activities – Decide when you will begin offering the class, and when you want sign-ups to begin. Some recreation centers prefer offering a daily fee while others require multiple sessions on sign-up. Both have benefits and downsides, decide which you want early.
  • Advertise your new yoga class – Make sure your current members know that yoga is coming to your recreation center. It can really kill the hype for a class when only a few show up. The more people you have to try your class, the more likely they will return.

That’s it! Starting a yoga class is so low maintenance it makes sense for nearly any workout or recreation center to offer.

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