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How to Create an Indoor Cycling Class for Your Sports Complex

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Designing an Indoor Cycling Class for Your Sports Complex

Indoor cycling has been one of the most popular fitness trends for so long, calling it a trend is no longer accurate. Indoor cycling has been on the rise in some form or another since the 1980s, and there are over two million people who regularly attend some form of group cycling class. As it is extremely enjoyable and a fantastic workout an indoor cycling class can be perfect for your sports complex. Keep reading to learn about some of the things you need to think about when designing your class in our SFM blog.

Designing the Class Layout

The layout of an indoor cycling class can be set up in a multitude of ways. Some instructors prefer a semi-circle around them so that they can monitor all the participants. Others prefer having the students in lines facing an instructor at the front of the room. Whatever you decide is best, make certain that your instructor can monitor the cyclists and have easy access to stereo controls. Generally, a wireless microphone is used by the instructor to make sure everyone can hear their commands. While not required, many sports complex owners prefer to set the cycling class in a separate room than their other fitness areas as the class can be very loud and most prefer the class be held in a darker room.

General Tips for Creating Indoor Cycling at Your Sports Complex

  • Create a schedule for your classes and stick to them. You build loyalty and membership through consistency.
  • Track attendance and membership numbers for each time slot. The more information you have about your class the better you can tailor it to fit your clientele.
  • Keep studio space at your sports complex in mind. How many indoor cycles can you fit in your space? The more cycles available the more participants you can have.
  • Choose the right indoor cycle. There are many, many different indoor cycle brands and models. Do your research and find the cycle that fits your needs. Make sure you keep future maintenance and upgradability in mind.
  • Find a certified instructor. Try them out before hiring them, you are going to want someone who brings a lot of energy to the class. The class should have good flow and most importantly be fun! Let them create their own playlist as well. One of the key aspects of a fun atmosphere with an indoor cycling class is the tempo and excitement of the music.
  • Market your new class! You have to get people to your sports complex to try your indoor cycling class out. Promotions and newsletters can inform your current members if you have an existing sports complex. If you are creating a new business start a facebook page and get the word out to your friends and family. The more you spread the word the faster you will get your business going.

Contact SFM to Get Your Indoor Cycling Business Started

Sports Facilities Management has the professional and expert advice to get your sports program started. Each of our facilities are treated with a hands-on fully customizable approach using our proven systems, programs, and management expertise. If you want industry-leading management expertise and a track-record of success that regularly outperforms industry standards Sports Facilities Management is perfect for your business.

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