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Sports Facilities Advisory Looks at if You Are in a Good Market for a Facility

Sports Facilities Advisory looks at whether or not you are in a good market for a facility

Sports Facilities Advisory: Are You in a Good Market for a Facility?

If you want to develop and build a sports facility, you aren’t alone. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we have worked with hundreds of potential clients just like you who want to build a sports complex. However, one of our jobs is to work with you on the viability of your idea. There are several factors that go into facility development, from budget to intent. Do you have a vision for your facility? Do you have competition? What kind of facility do you want to build? These are just a few of hundreds of variables that play into this type of project development. One factor that people often neglect is whether or not they are even in a good market to build a facility. In today’s blog, we want to address the question of whether or not your idea would work in your market.

What Makes For A Good Market?

As always, there are several factors. However, Sports Facilities Advisory is going to focus on just two: are you in a sports-hungry city and does your sports-hungry city need another complex? Let’s tackle the first question first.
If you enjoy a good uphill climb, building a sports complex in a city that hates and/or doesn’t care about sports will be fun for you. It’s a lot like the movie The Rookie, when a young kid who loves baseball moves to Texas looking for somewhere to play, only to learn his city only cares about football. He later becomes a high school baseball coach where the field is all-dirt because the city had no reason to build a nice field. Making sure that your community, not only needs but wants your sports complex will play a big part in the development of your facility.
However, a lack of interest in the sports you would be hosting could also be because there is not a facility for it, which is our second question. There is also a balance between whether or not your city loves sports and whether or not they need a complex. To give a good comparison, if you live in Kansas City and want to found a restaurant that people will eat at, building a barbeque joint may not be the best option because the barbeque per capita numbers in Kansas City is through the roof. The same concept applies here. If you live in a city with a ton of high-quality basketball facilities, you are also in for an uphill battle. However, you may live in a city with a budding interest in a sport or activity and if that is true, it may be time to reach out to the Sports Facilities Advisory to develop a complex.

Let Sports Facilities Advisory Help

Sports Facilities Advisory is here to help you determine if your dream of building a sports complex is both feasible and viable. Contact Sports Facilities Advisory today at (727) 474-4476  or visit our website.

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