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Making Your Indoor Sports Facility Great with Basketball Courts

Making your indoor sports facility great with basketball courts

A Look at Indoor Sports Facilities: Basketball Courts

If you are building an indoor sports facility, there is a good possibility that basketball courts will be a part of that complex. This usually isn’t because facilities are built solely around basketball, but because basketball courts are durable and versatile. You can play basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball, among other sports, as well as have the capacity to host more recreational community events. Aside from a good ole’ fashioned field of grass, basketball courts are the jack of all trades. The Sports Facility Management blog wants to take a look at how your indoor sports facility could benefit from high-quality basketball courts.

How Important Are Basketball Courts to an Indoor Sports Facility?

To be short, they are very important, depending on what type of facility you are building. Unless you are building a rock-climbing complex or an indoor-soccer field, your building will likely revolve around courts of some kind. Basketball courts are incredibly versatile and allow you to be flexible in your planning. For example, if you are wanting to host wrestling leagues as part of your complex, building them into your overall design rather than spending specific money on a specific wrestling design is more cost-effective. Allowing the basketball courts to be the centerpiece of your indoor sports facility allows you the ability to host more events and leagues. You can’t host a youth basketball league in a wrestling room, but you can host a wrestling league on basketball courts.

Making My Basketball Courts Cost Effective

There are several things that you can do as an owner to make your indoor sports facility more efficient. The most important being the inclusion of multiple sets of goals and courts. The typical model is six hanging goals, four of which hang off the side of a regulation-size basketball court. This allows you the flexibility to host a single game on a regulation size court, while also being able to lower the rims of the other four goals and host multiple games for a youth league.
Another way to make your facility more cost-effective is to purchase dividers. These dividers simply hang from the ceiling and essentially split the court in half, giving you the option of hosting a volleyball practice on one side of the gym, while also having a basketball game happening on the other side. It is also important to invest in the proper equipment to host multiple sports, such as volleyball nets and wrestling mats.

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