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Indoor Sports Facilities: Four Reasons Why They’re Better Than Outdoor Facilities

Four Reasons Why Indoor Sports Facilities Are Better Than Outdoor Facilities

Young soccer players practicing at an indoor sports facility
There are many questions that need to be answered and factors to consider before constructing a sports facility. Among the first is whether it will be outdoors or whether it will be an indoor sports facility. While there are certainly arguments to be made for an outdoor sports facility — such as space and affordability — there are just as many arguments for indoor sports facilities.
At SFA, we believe that an indoor sports facility can be worth the money and also an outright better option than an outdoor sports facility. In today’s post, we’ll give you four reasons why.

  1. Complete Climate Control

The most obvious benefit to indoor sports facilities is climate control. Unlike an indoor sports facility, a primarily outdoor complex has no way of controlling weather elements, whether they be rain and snow or extreme temperatures. Arguably, the main purpose of indoor complexes is their usefulness in any weather conditions. You can continue to host games and activities in your complex, even on the coldest of days or during torrential downpours.
With outdoor facilities, you are subject to scheduling conflicts and cancellations during rainstorms or when extreme temperatures roll around. These conflicts compound quickly and make for facility planning headaches.

  1. Less Maintenance

Another thing that outdoor facilities are more vulnerable to are damages, which means more maintenance. Artificial turf or hardwood floors are the surfaces of choice for indoor facilities, requiring far less maintenance and upkeep than natural grass and deteriorating far less quickly than concrete or asphalt. You won’t have to fill in divots or cut your grass with an indoor sports facility like you would with an outdoor facility.

  1. Higher Quality Facilities

For an athlete, the biggest draw of an indoor facility is the quality of the playing surfaces and environment. Athletes won’t be subject to uneven playing surfaces or extreme weather that might impact their play should they be performing outdoors. Facilities often underestimate how important playing conditions are to athletes.

  1. More Appealing To Athletes

Aside from the draw of higher quality facilities, indoor facilities are also outright more appealing to athletes than outdoor complexes. Especially in youth and high school sports, every athlete wants to feel like a pro. Nothing makes an athlete feel like a pro more than getting to play indoors on artificial turf.

SFA Can Help Develop Your Indoor Sports Facility

Choosing between outdoor and indoor sports facilities can be a tough choice. At SFA, we believe that indoor facilities are not only financially viable but also better than outdoor complexes. For more information on how SFA can help with your facility, contact us today at (727) 483-7910 or fill out our online form today.

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