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Activities That Compliment One Another at a Sports Complex

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Activities That Work Well Together at a Sports Complex

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Multipurpose facilities are a great way to reach more people in your community and make your complex more profitable. The logic is pretty simple: having more things to do at your facility will result in more people visiting your sports complex.

When you run a multipurpose sports complex, it’s important to offer activities that complement one another. It isn’t only about the number of programs, but also how multiple programs work with one another. In today’s post, Sports Facility Management will look at what activities go well together at a multipurpose sports complex.

Sports Activities That Compliment One Another

Basketball and Volleyball – Perhaps the most iconic complementary sporting activities, basketball and volleyball are fantastic sports to offer together. If your facility is designing a basketball court, it becomes relatively easy to install the necessary components for volleyball. Both use hardwood floors and can have overlapping court markers that do not interfere with the other sport.

Football and Track – Football and track are another classic sports combination. If your sports complex is building a football field it is relatively easy to add a track to the exterior of your field. The proper length of the first lane of a competitive running track is 400 meters, which fits perfectly around a football field while still allowing plenty of sideline room for the football players.

Soccer, Lacrosse, and Field Hockey – These three activities are an ideal fit because their field proportions are very similar. The vast majority of fields paint their lines anyway, so the minor differences are often an easy thing to adjust. If your sporting complex is focused on outdoor field sports, there is no reason to limit your facility to just one of these activities. Offering multiple sports will help your facility stay busy during offseasons.

Yoga and Rock Climbing – These may not seem like a good fit at first glance, but many facilities have found that yoga and rock climbing make the perfect pair. The demographics of both activities have a lot of overlap, so your customers will likely be interested in both activities. The other reason yoga and rock climbing work well together are the space requirements of these activities. Rock climbing walls and boulders are built vertically. Most climbing gyms create climbs on their walls with lots of free space in the middle of their facility. Efficient climbing gyms have begun to offer yoga classes in the large open spaces of their gym. This is an ideal pairing of activities that complement one another.

Looking to Make Your Sports Complex More Efficient?

If you are looking for ideas to make your sports complex, Sports Facility Management is the partner for you. We have a large team of experts in advising, managing, and planning sporting facilities. If you are interested in learning how SFM can help your sports complex, contact us today at 727-877-1791.

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