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Finding a Niche at Your Recreation Center

Finding the Right Niche for Your Recreation Center

Finding a niche for a recreation center.
Marketing for a brand new recreation center has its difficulties. People are excited to check out the new attraction, but how will you get them to come back? How will you reach those who could become loyal customers? The key, as with most businesses, is in marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business. This is also true for recreation centers. It is simply impossible to appeal to everyone in your area. Instead, successful recreation centers will find their niche. Specialization is at the heart of any sustainable, scalable business. Today, Sports Facility Management will discuss why finding a niche is key to your recreation center, as well as how you can begin to define your niche.

Why Niche Marketing Works

  • It’s affordable – The fact is, most recreation centers are not going to have an unlimited marketing budget. With niche marketing, you get more bang for your buck. Your audience will be smaller and easier to target.
  • It’s less competitive – The reason you select a niche is so you can target a specific audience. This narrow strategy will allow you to attract people who fit your recreation center.
  • It creates extreme loyalty – Niche marketing is all about nurturing an identity that your customers can connect with. These customers will be the backbone of your business and will bring other like-minded customers to your recreation center.

This method of marketing and brand identity is all about providing your audience a sense of identity and belonging. There is a reason those who practice Crossfit are always talking about it. Developing and then marketing to your niche will allow you to create a loyal following that will feel a connection with your recreation center.

How to Define Your Recreation Center’s Niche

Niche marketing is all about selling a lifestyle. You’re not selling your recreation center alone, you need to sell your brand. This can be done by first developing your niche. Are you looking to attract young professionals? Families with children? Both are great starting points. But you need to narrow further. Planet Fitness has built a brand their brand by marketing to people who don’t enjoy a regular gym. They market themselves as a place to feel safe and avoid “meatheads.” They targeted first-time gym goers and successfully found an underrepresented niche.
There are many ways in which you can build your brand niche. Some use storytelling to showcase why their recreation center is the perfect fit for their customers. Others build their brand directly into the recreation center. Let’s say you wanted to go the opposite direction of Planet Fitness and market to people who spend lots of time in the gym. You may invest in lots of free weights, tire and sledgehammers, and battle ropes. Make sure you provide the product that your marketing team sells.

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