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Sports Facilities Management Looks at Staff Development Ideas

A community recreation center or sports complex is more than just a gym, it’s a place for the community to come together. Like any industry, a sports facility is successful because well trained and motivated staff are in place, and this requires staff development. Staff development makes employees feel valued, which boosts quality and retention. In today’s blog, the pros at Sports Facilities Management look at some ideas for staff development.

Establish Mentors

Some of your strongest staff development assets are already in your building. Set up a mentoring program to access and share knowledge. Pair employees knowledgeable in a subject with others who need to improve their skills. For instance, a seasoned manager who knows about project management can mentor an employee taking on more complex tasks.

Utilize Your Social Network

Reach out to your social network of business associates and clients for experts who would be willing to speak to your employees. If you have a contact who is an expert at time management, ask him or her to present to your team. Also look at the members of your facility.  If one of your members is a customer service pro, that person might be flattered to give a presentation.

Lunch and Learn

Many companies have succeeded in offering educational programs during lunch. You can provide lunch or ask employees to brown bag it. Lunch and learns are popular because they make good use of employees’ time and they don’t interrupt a busy workday.

Look For Hidden Talent

Get to know your employees. Learn about their interests, hobbies, and expertise. In doing this, you will likely uncover employees with valuable skills they can teach to others. A manager or executive could teach a seminar about leadership, or your IT expert could lead a workshop on a new software program recently implemented. Always be forward-thinking and try to recruit employees who are qualified and have an interest in teaching and training.

Engagement is Key

The era of all day seminars with a droning instructor and huge PowerPoint presentations is coming to an end. It is not realistic to use that approach and then expect employees to be engaged. This is especially true for millennials who have grown up with a collaborative mindset. Whatever training and development program you launch, it’s essential that you make it interesting, interactive and accessible.

Let Sports Facilities Management Help

If you want to see your sports facility or recreation complex grow, look no further than Sports Facilities Management. With our expertise, we can help you grow your facility, engage your staff, and strengthen your community. Staff development is part of our expertise, and SFM will ensure your crew has the training they need to run a world-class facility. Contact us today.

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