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FF&E: Questions to Ask Your Provider

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Questions to Ask Your Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Provider

Sports Facilities Management is the premier management solution for sports, recreation and events centers around the country. We specialize in sports venue management services that produce industry-leading results for our clients.
An important aspect of any facility is furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E). In today’s market, there are many providers of FF&E services. So how can you find the perfect match for your sports venue? In today’s blog, the experts at Sports Facilities Management look at some questions you should ask as you seek an FF&E provider.

Will the Provider Tour the Facility With You?

Choose a provider who will be available for site visits before you start your project, and who will make follow-up visits during your project. After installation is complete, ensure the provider will do a final walk with you to make sure everything is up to your standards. An FF&E procurement project is a complex undertaking, and having a chance to meet face-to-face with your consultant is invaluable.

Can the Provider Save You Money?

A good FF&E provider should know some tried and true alternative product sources at lower costs that meet or exceed brand standards. Two important measures are how hard are they willing to work and how skilled are they at finding savings?

Does the Provider Come with Recommendations?

This is an important clue that offers insight into a provider’s relationships, business practices, behavior, and financial stability. It can also reveal how much clout a provider has with its vendor base for expediting an order or resolving a product issue.

Will You Be Assigned a Support Coordinator?

Look for an FF&E provider who will assign you a dedicated coordinator who is responsible for all logistics and transportation. They should be available to update you with timely delivery reports and deal with issues such as items damaged during shipping. Having a dedicated team member will keep you up to date with the status of your project. In the event of a shipping problem, for instance, you will have a partner to provide the right solution quickly.

Contact Sports Facilities Management

Sports Facilities Management has the expertise you need to launch and run a lucrative sports complex. We manage everything from marketing to HR to logistics, and we know how to ensure your facility gets the best quality from your FF&E provider. Contact us today.

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