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Facility Management: Recruiting the Best Talent For Your Facility

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The Facility Management Pros at SFM Look at Recruiting the Best Talent For Your Facility

Building a great team is a high priority for any company, and certainly for a sports and recreation facility. The facility management team at SFM understands that the most talented professionals have their choice, with companies fighting for their attention. Attracting talent to your facility is one of the many services provided by the facility management team at SFM. We offer turnkey management solutions for sports, recreation and events centers across the country. Today the facility management experts look at recruiting the best talent.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a great way to vet candidates beyond the traditional resume. A candidate’s social media profile often highlights personal experiences and interests that reflect professional skills and might show that the person is a perfect fit. Social media has become a standard tool for researching and evaluating talent. You should also have an active social media presence as an employer.

Market More Than Just Salary

Top talent is interested in more than just salary. They are looking for a work environment that challenges them, allows for innovation, makes work fun, and allows for a work-life balance. Most candidates will find your paid time off (PTO) and healthcare packages just as important as your salary.

Don’t Take Too Long to Make a Decision

Top talent is in high demand and will move on quickly if you take too long to make a decision. Stay ahead of the curve by investigating ways to speed up your hiring process while still demanding quality candidates.

Market Your Company With Existing Employees

A great way to attract a top candidate to your facility is to show off the people he or she will be joining there. You can also use your current employees as a recruiting tool by sharing their positive testimonials with prospective clients.

Sports Facilities Management Can Help

If you are interested in developing your sports facility, the facility management team at Sports Facilities Management can help. SFM offers point to point development, HR and management services. Contact the facility management pros at SFM today.

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