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Facility Management Services: Millennials and Fitness

Millennial Jogger Using Smart Watch

Facility Management Services Looks at Attracting Millennials to Fitness

The facility management service pros with Sports Facilities Management provide turn-key management solutions for sports, recreation and events centers across the country. The facility management services team stays up to date on trends in the industry so we can provide our clients with the tools they need for industry-leading success. Today, we are looking at the millennial customer market.
According to a study from the American Public Transportation Association, millennials residing in cities are walking more than using any other mode of transportation. It appears that this generation is getting their exercise by walking to work, the store, and to visit friends. Because of this, the facility management services pros with SFM understand that you have to be creative to market fitness to millennials.

Be Social and Be Welcoming

Allow people to be social during workouts. You might even consider developing mixers for members on occasion. Millennials desire human interaction after being glued to a tablet or smartphone all day. Greet them by name when they come to the facility. Perhaps introduce someone who is new to your class or facility to a longstanding member.

Workouts Should Be Short and Sweet

Millennials respond well to short, effective workouts that they can have between work commitments, college classes, and obligations with family and friends. Keep them coming back with 30 to 40 minute workouts they enjoy and can’t find at just any gym.

Promote Personal Training

Millennials will spend money if they think they are spending on a worthwhile experience. Offer discounts to those who want to work out with a personal trainer. Promote that each session is based on the individual’s needs and that they’ll receive one-on-one time with an expert. It’s also a great idea to feature millennials on your social media pages.

Ask For and Listen To Their Opinion

Encourage millennials to leave feedback on your social media pages, and ask for their input face-to-face. Once you discover what they like the most about your facility, promote that aspect to others and thank them for their insight. When you find out what they dislike, do your best to make the necessary changes.

Contact Sports Facilities Management

If you are interested in getting industry-leading management for your recreation center or sports facility, contact the facility management services team at FSM. Our team has helped dozens of sports facilities go from the planning phase to day-to-day operations with industry-leading facility management services.

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