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Recreation Center: Tips for Marketing

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Tips for Marketing a Recreation Center

Sports Facilities Management was founded to assist our clients and partners in optimizing the operations and management for recreation centers and sports facilities. SFM delivers order, leadership and structure for nearly every type of sport and recreation center.
In today’s blog, we are looking at marketing solutions for recreation centers. Like any business, a recreation center can’t be successful without patrons. Read on to learn some creative ways to market a recreation center.

Community Events

When other events take place in the community, consider setting up a booth to show people what you offer. If possible, bring a tablet or a laptop to show people what programs you offer, and provide them the opportunity to register on the spot.


Yes, we know, flyers are old-fashioned, but they can still be a low-cost and effective way to market. Deliver targeted flyers to organizations around town. Also, distributing flyers through schools has been a proven way to get the word out.

Free Passes

A great way to get people to try out your facility is to offer a free pass program. Allow them to try the recreation center for free for one visit or one week. Another way to offer free passes is to set up a buddy pass for members. Consider giving members one free pass a month to bring a buddy.

Open House

Hosting an open house event is a great way to promote your facility. Provide tours, set up booths, and create an experience for people interested in what you have to offer. Hand out flyers to people who aren’t ready to register that day, and have a tablet or laptop on hand to register people on the spot.

Early Bird Specials

Encourage people to sign up early with early bird registration. For instance, open registration online one week earlier than offline to encourage people to visit your online portal. You can also offer early bird discounts in order to get your classes filled more quickly.

Let Sports Facilities Management Help

Sports Facilities Management has the experience you need to run a lucrative sport and recreational facility. We manage both the marketing and logistical side of operations, so you can rest assured your facility is in the hands of trusted industry experts. Contact us today.

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