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How to Creatively Use Lighting for Sports Complex Design

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Creative Uses of Lighting for Your Sports Complex

Lighting is one of those design elements that is easy to put on the backburner during the early stages of sports facility planning. Lighting is necessary but often taken for granted. Creative use of lighting, however, actually increases the likelihood of implementing a successful sports complex design. While doing feasibility studies, you can start thinking about ways to make lighting interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Read some advice from the Sports Facilities Advisory.

Switch to Efficiency Lighting

In this new era of energy efficiency, your lighting choices for your sports complex should take into account the amount of energy expended to light an entire area. Metal halide lights are still in use at sports facilities, but they are quickly falling out of favor due to their tendency to use up a lot of energy. The first thing you can do to modernize lighting at your facility is to switch to using LED lights.
The decision to go with LED illumination is easier because they cost about the same as metal halide fixtures. Additionally, LED lights produce brighter illumination while saving energy and lowering costs.

Integrate Natural Light and Indoor Lighting

A great way to save money when running your indoor lighting is to find ways to capitalize on natural light. An outdoor sports field already benefits from natural lighting, but for indoor physical activities, you can get creative with large glass windows, installing them in place of solid walls. Another idea is to install skylight windows to make good use of the sun’s solar energy. Skylights also offer scenic views of picture-perfect blue skies.

Use Lighting Effects to Full Advantage

Sports complex design utilizes a lot of white light, which is perfectly serviceable. However, if you want to go above and beyond run of the mill lighting choices, consider adding special lighting effects. This type of lighting is a great way to create excitement and enhance engagement. Contemporary lighting effects include cross-fades, ripples, explosions and the ever popular strobe light – although make sure to take the proper precautions for users who may suffer from epilepsy with clear warnings and restrictions.

Add Elegance to Your Sports Complex Using Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant lights come in all types of configurations, and when used creatively, pendants can add a nice touch of sophistication to an area. They are best utilized indoors and in spaces that are already using natural light, or standard lighting. Rows of pendant lights can illuminate a gymnasium, or place small groupings of pendants in atriums and walkways to enhance the décor.
There are numerous ways to creatively use lighting to spice up attractions at your sports complex. The Sports Facilities Advisory can help you decide what type of lighting works best for your facility. Let’s discuss ideas today!

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