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7 Signs Your Sports Complex Needs an Upgrade

outdated sports complex

7 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Sports Complex

At one time your sports complex was a top-grade facility that attracted thousands of happy visitors on a regular basis. These days the bloom is off the rose and while people still come, things are not the same. You’re falling behind in the lucrative sports tourism sector, and there are common reasons why this is happening. Our team at the Sports Facilities Advisory can explain them.

It no longer serves the needs of the community

There isn’t a sports complex in the world that can survive without the enthusiastic support of its community. Over time, communities change, and so does the demand for certain sports and activities. For example, a community that once loved weekly baseball games now prefers soccer tournaments. Or, in the past, people came in droves to take aerobics classes, but now they want hot yoga and spa-style amenities. Your facility should take local preferences into account, and upgrade accordingly.

The playing fields were new more than 50 years ago

If your sports fields are relics from another era, it’s likely these well-worn grounds aren’t as appealing to players or spectators as they used to be. They might still be usable, and crowds gather for games, but everyone knows these old fields could use a modern upgrade. Expert sports facility planning can help you design contemporary playing fields for an all-around better sports experience.

Spectators complain about comfort

Spectators aren’t shy about complaining about what makes them feel uncomfortable. Complaints can range from poorly maintained seats to a lack of shade, forcing spectators to sit under the glare of the hot sun. Complaints should be taken seriously because they often end up on social media, where potential visitors read them and wonder why nothing is being done to fix the problem.

It’s not family friendly

Is your sports facility dropping the ball when it comes to accommodating families? Perhaps the addition of a play area for younger children is something that can boost attendance. Sports complex design experts can look at your facility to find ways to make it more attractive to families.

Buildings and facilities fail to meet safety standards

Sometimes there are glaring safety issues that must be corrected in order to meet current municipal regulations. If this is the case, our expertise in safe facility planning is invaluable.

There’s not enough space for popular programs

A good problem to have is too many people wanting to use your facility. Fast growth of popular sports programs often causes overcrowding problems at the local sports complex. There simply isn’t enough space to accommodate every program’s needs, putting a strain on amenities and staff. Finding efficient ways to expand is the best solution.

Younger users find it boring

Young people who love physical activity are eager to use sports facilities. However, when those facilities fail to offer amenities that excite physically active young people, no amount of marketing brings them to your door. Use good sports facility management to update outdated programs and amenities.
Find the right solutions for upgrading your sports complex. Contact our the experts at the Sports Facilities Advisory today for exciting ideas on how to modernize.

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