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The Importance of Active Design for Sports Facilities

active design sports facilities

Important Active Design for Sports Facilities

When it’s time to seek funding for sports facilities, financial institutions want to know that owners have a solid plan in place before giving the green light to development funding. One of the things we provide during our advisory phase is consultation about active design. Embracing active design is a powerful way to be forward-thinking, and the Sports Facility Advisory can tell you how to easily incorporate some key features associated with this healthy planning mindset.

Key Active Design Ideas for Sports Facilities

The beauty of active design is that there are no hard and fast rules of how to use it, just great ideas. You have lots of flexibility in how to implement active design strategies into your sports facility. We’re more than happy to discuss any of the following ideas with you.

Places to Gather and Chat

Sports facilities are more than just places to exercise, they’re places where patrons can make friends, and enjoy casual conversation. Think about spaces for physical activities that make it easy for people to hold conversations while working up a sweat. These spaces are brightly lit, safe and encourage people to get away from smartphones and digital devices for a short while.

Short Walking Routes

Being more active than sedentary is the goal of your active design sports facility. Therefore, encourage more walking by designing areas that allow people to walk from one spot to another for short distances. Walking routes help people of all ages get a little exercise, even those who are not particularly crazy about exercise.

Build Appealing Stairs

Stairs play an important role in keeping people active. Stairs near building entrances offer an opportunity to post signs to encourage stair climbing. A grand staircase is not only visually impressive, it can also lead to additional stairs and walkways. Be aware that facility stairs must meet the needs of individuals, and both small and large groups of people traveling in both directions.

Childcare Exercise Areas

Encourage parents to bring kids along by offering fun play areas. Parents workout nearby as their children have a blast. Play areas must be supervised, and our Sports Facilities Management team makes sure that kids have fun while remaining safe.

Use Imagination

Theme parks tap into the spirit of imagination to create a fun experience. Your facility can do the same by arranging rooms, equipment, and pathways in an imaginative way. Include elements that stir emotions, making your facility a memorable place to visit.

Paths, Plazas, and Playgrounds

Draw people to your facility by making smart use of walking paths that provide safe passageways to physical elements. Sidewalks are well-lit and attractive. Plazas are social gathering spaces where people can mingle and relax in close proximity to the facility. Kids and parents love outdoor playgrounds with a variety of equipment that keeps kids running, jumping and moving.

Colorful Ground Markings

Clearly designate specific activity areas using color-coded ground markings. For example, create a green area for tennis and volleyball, a blue area for wall climbing, grey area for weightlifting and orange for aerobics and dance.

Active Design Is Vital for Sports Facilities

Active design is an exciting concept that is a natural fit for sports facilities planning. We’re on top of the latest active design trends and we’re here to assist you with boosting the activity level of your project. If you want cutting edge sports facility design ideas, talk to the Sports Facility Advisory about active design concepts.

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